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Most of the time, people avoid eating outside food for fear of adulteration or unhygienic preparation. The availability of healthy and nutritious food in public places and in the wee hours has always been a concern. 

We at Vendiman identified these issues and came up with a solution to cater to the needs of the consumers by providing them with healthy and nutritious food on the go. 

Benefits of Vendiman Smart Vending Machine 

1. 24 x 7 Access to Healthy and Nutritious Food  

Consumers want access to nutritious food that is available instantly in the hustle culture. They want to avail everyday convenience 24 by 7 as our generation is working round the clock and travelling to faraway places for work.   

Vendiman, a smart retail solutions provider, has introduced the concept of automated retail through its smart vending machines in India to offer a more enhanced and convenient mode of retailing for consumers anytime, anywhere! 

2. Hassle Free Retailing Experience for Consumers 

We have identified the need to serve people healthy, nutritious and hygienic food 24 by 7 smartly and safely via smart vending machines known as our smart micro-retail solutions. The sole purpose of our smart vending machines is to fulfill the immediate food needs of the consumer regardless of time. 

Consumers can grab a bite without having to stand in long queues or wait for the orders to get delivered. Just select the food or beverage of your choice and pay using cash or multiple digital payment modes. 

3. Fully Automated Kiosks for User-Friendly Experience

You can have access to healthy food and beverages anytime at transit points, manufacturing units, hospitals, offices, etc. What’s more important is that you can avail all the products at MRP, without having to pay extra for our outstanding services!  

4. Bespoke, Flexible and Scalable Systems at Your Service  

Our aim is to nourish communities easier, smarter, safer via our smart micro-retail kiosks across strategic locations to satisfy the hunger and cravings of health-conscious consumers. The range of food and beverage products is carefully curated based on market trends and nutritional values. 

Our service-oriented approach through best-in-class solutions has helped us gain a competitive advantage in terms of customer satisfaction and operational excellence. 

5. Nutritious Branded Food and Beverages  

We offer convenience, safety, and hygiene to begin with and all our products are branded and FSSAI-approved.   

We offer healthy food like corn chips, popcorn, khakhra, diet bhel, energy bars, makhana range, dry fruits, and baked snacks that will make your munching experience joyful and healthy. 

We also offer a viable alternative to home-cooked food like ready-to-eat meals- breakfast and all-day dining range. We offer ready-to-eat poha, upma, rajma- chawal, noodles, and much more. Our fresh range includes sandwiches and wraps to give you a fresh homely taste.  

We offer healthy beverages like sugar-free, packaged fruit, energy, and milk-based healthy drinks to keep you hydrated, rejuvenated, and fresh.  

6. Contactless Smart Retailing 24 by 7 

Our vending machines, also known as smart micro-retail solutions enable consumers to choose food and beverages of their choice without any human intervention. Consumers can pay through cash or cashless methods, making it a contactless solution.  

Smart Retailing Convenience Anytime, Anywhere!  

We aim to empower consumers by helping them choose quality food at their convenience and our smart retail solutions, also known as smart vending machines, serve the purpose. Food is integral and convenience is essential in this fast-paced world. Vendiman is doing its best to satisfy the cravings of the consumer on the go smartly and safely.