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Did you grab a quick snack today without standing in a long queue? If the answer is “No”, you need a vending machine also known as Smart Micro Retail Kiosk in your facility. Retailers today are focusing on broader food options and even non-food items being made available via vending machines, to meet dynamic consumer needs. This advancement in innovation has enabled the consumer to have a more inclusive retail experience. 

Like every other progressive country, India too is revolutionizing and adapting to the vending machine. As a result, we see vending machines being widely placed in different sectors, making it a convenient go-to solution. 

Use Cases Beyond Food & Beverages (F&B) 

Vending machines or Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are widely being accepted across the country for other essential items apart from F&B. Its various use cases below will help in understanding how these machines can be used in different industries and why they are important for every business owner or entrepreneur to have them. 

1. Corporate Offices:

Offices are the best places to have F&B vending machines, as employees often look for quick snacks, and meals in their small breaks. Larger offices with huge employee strength may also need vending machines for: 

  • Stationery Items: Offering office supplies such as pens, pencils, post-its, etc., that help keep everyone organized at all times (especially when there’s no time left over).  
  • Electronic Items: Chargers, mouse, keyboards, earphones, and other electronic products can be stocked in the machine for easy access. 

2. Hospitals:

Healthcare professionals and other hospital staff and visitors lack time to fulfill their requirements. Vending machines are a great way for them to get medicines, food, and other essential items on the go. 

  • Surgical Products: Needles, syringes, gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc. are mandatory instead of a repetitive run to the Hospital’s inventory/medical room. 
  • Medical Supplies: Vending machines may also be used for dispensing emergency medical supplies such as gauze pads, saline solution, cough syrup, generic medicines, band-aids. These products may not be available at all times so it’s important to have a way of providing them quickly when needed, to avoid staff or visiting guests overcrowding the Hospital’s pharmacy. 

3. Educational Institutes:

These institutions have people who are always rushing and need certain items on the go like: 

  • Art Items: Watercolors, brushes, drawing books, crayons, etc. 
  • Books: A variety of books, including story books, journals, notebooks etc. are among the necessary items which are not easily accessible in educational premises and need a special run to a shop outside the campus. 

4. Manufacturing Facilities:

The workers in manufacturing units need more options when it comes to food, as their food options are limited to only a few places from nearby shops that lack clean and hygienic supplies. Products that can be stored in vending machines placed in factories are:  

  • Wholesome Meals: Nutritious meal options is essential for workers, considering their strenuous activity, for increased work productivity.  
  • Work Equipment (Technical tools): Availability of work equipment like screws, batteries, screwdrivers, tape, gloves, hammers, and other products will ensure safe and proper storage in vending machines so they can be readily available.   

5. Hotels:

A quick meal/snack is always convenient for hotel residents as they are always on the lookout for something to eat, at their convenience when the hotel café/restaurant might not be serviceable. 

Vending machines can be placed at all floors to provide essential everyday items like shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit, sewing kit, bottled water, etc., it provides an accessible option and saves on the effort of the housekeeping team.   

6. Airports:

While waiting for flights or dealing with delays in flights, having a dependable source to fulfill your requirements is of utmost importance. This makes the vending machine or smart micro retail kiosk an ideal solution at airports. They can also store a variety of products like:  

  • Nourishing Meals: Vending machines at airports offering food, drinks, and other items provide convenience to passengers. The products are at a cheaper price than airport shops due to low overhead costs. 
  • Travel Supplies: Travelling can be exhausting, especially when you carry everything but forget one essential item that will ease your journey. Vending machines that offer supplies like Blankets, travel pillows, and eye-mask will be highly beneficial for passengers.   

Transforming Well-Being with Smart Micro Retail Kiosks 

Smart vending machines are rapidly growing and reaching new heights considering their acceptance and inclusion in many sectors. Vendiman has its Smart Micro Retail Kiosks available across 15+ cities and keeps growing significantly, with 2000+ machines in India. With a presence in multiple sectors, we can also provide customized product offerings via our kiosks to make sure to cater to all your needs and be a big part of essential everyday life, making everyday convenience available Easier, Smarter, and Safer.