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The covid-19 crisis has brought a significant change in consumer behavior and there are implications for the food and beverage industry too in terms of transportation and distribution of their products. With a significant increase in adaptation of e-commerce services, the consumer is ordering a variety of products and services and demanding after-sales services too! Organizations are finding ways to retain their loyal customer base by providing them with services that are thoughtful and innovative and keep the customer engagement at their best.   

In the present scenario, people are traveling extensively for pleasure or work to find new avenues and possibilities. You could be travelling for pleasure or out of necessity but you may sometimes get stuck in a situation where it is difficult to find access to necessities like daily conveniences or essentials.  Vendiman, a smart micro retail solutions provider has introduced comprehensive, authentic and consumer-friendly smart micro retail kiosks that will give access to nutritious food on the go! 

Addressing the change in consumer behavior is the “new normal” for food and beverage smart micro-retail solution companies  

Vendiman smart micro-retail kiosks are designed in a way that helps retailers to get insights into consumer behavior by analyzing the data that is made available to them through data-led interfaces. These Smart-micro-retail-kiosks are powered with data-led systems that enable dedicated professionals in the Vendiman team to stock food or beverages as per the demands and suggestions of the consumers by redefining the shopping experience for consumers which is easy, contactless, and provides a hygienic environment. 

Vendiman has interpreted the complexities involved in the change in consumer behavior post covid crisis and the associated attributes like concern for hygiene, ease of transaction, easy accessibility of the products. We have pledged to provide services that are authentic and consumer-centric.   

Vendiman: A Smart Micro-Cafe to Keep you Energized on the Go! 

Change is the only constant and we, at Vendiman believe that change is good. The change in consumer behavior highlights the need to reorganize and optimize the distribution operations in such a way that it caters to the diverse needs of the consumers, especially during post covid crisis.   

Vendiman, a smart micro-retail solution, provides nutritious food and beverages to consumers round the clock while its interface allows you to pay conveniently using digital or conventional payment methods. We encourage digital engagement to provide contactless services to our consumers and our data-led interfaces provide insights into consumer needs and preferences from a wider perspective. The sense of well-being and health-conscious behavior of the consumer makes it mandatory for the retailer to adopt newer technologies that serve the interests of the consumers efficiently and smartly.   

With the help of a touchless interface provided on our smart micro-retail-kiosk, the consumer can choose from our range of product categories, that will give you ample options of meals like ready to eat range, breakfast & all-day dining range, lunch, dinner, meals, healthy snacks, and beverages.

Consumers can select the food or beverage of their choice by making payments conventionally or digitally through debit/credit cards, e-wallets such as Google pay, UPI, BHIM, Paytm, or PhonePe. Vendiman also has its own payment wallet app, which can be preloaded in advance and the consumer can pay conveniently for a better, frictionless experience.  

Plan your day mindfully and enrich your travel experience by availing yourself of nutritious food and beverages at our smart micro cafe! And yes, our data-led approach enables us to get insights into your taste preferences and choices which will help us to learn more about our consumers so that we can serve you happiness, convenience, and pleasure!