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Summer is the season of sunshine and outdoor adventures, that brings out the vibrant energy among individuals taking them back to their childhood summer memories. People enjoy the essence of summer with seasonal foods, summer trips, cooling and refreshing drinks and much more. However, it also brings soaring temperatures and the need for certain essentials to stay cool, hydrated, and energetic. While vending machines, known as smart micro retail kiosks (SMRK), are commonly associated with food and beverages, they have the potential to offer more than just refreshments. Here’s our guide to beating the heat with these top five summer-friendly essentials that should be readily available via vending machines, ensuring convenience and accessibility for everyone. 

1: Sunscreen and Soothing Lotions (Skin Care Products) 

One of the most crucial summer essentials is sunscreen. Sunscreens are essential throughout the year and are more important to use during summer to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and prevent sunburns. This is because the harsh weather and intense sun directly affect us, causing skin conditions, rashes, redness, and many other problems that cause irritation. However, people often forget to apply or carry sunscreen with them. By offering sunscreen in vending machines, individuals can conveniently access this essential product at certain outdoor locations. This helps promote sun safety and encourage responsible sun protection practices. 

2: Portable Ventilation Products 

Summer calls for regular power cuts, but here’s how to deal with it. Many exciting and attention-grabbing products exist in the market, essential to survive the heat. These products like portable and compact handy fans, provide instant relief from the sweltering temperatures. Offering them via vending machines or SMRK’s makes them incredibly convenient and offers a means to stay cool and comfortable for people wherever they go. 

3: Sun-Protecting Accessories 

Pool side lounging or an outing in the heat is synonymous with summer. But forgetting to bring a towel or hat can quickly turn a day of relaxation into a sunburned and uncomfortable experience. Vending machines that offer affordable, lightweight towels and accessories like sunglasses, hats, caps, bandanas, scarves would cater to those who may have overlooked these essentials. It would provide a quick solution and ensure that people can fully enjoy their time under the sun without the risk of overheating or sunburn. 

4: Hydrating Beverages 

Staying hydrated is a significant effort amidst the daily activities that keep us occupied throughout the day. Fluids will help you stay hydrated and energize your body, boosting your mood. However, finding a wide range of beverages to choose from will surely satisfy all your thirsts and cravings. A beverage vending machine at popular outdoor areas, sports venues, and public spaces would ensure that people have easy access to a wide range of hydrating options like milk-based healthy drinks, fruit juices, lactose-free products, and sugar-free drinks, especially for the ones looking for healthy beverage alternatives. 

5: Hygiene Supplies 

Summer heat will exhaust you, especially while you are travelling, whether on your way to work or a family vacation. At such times one needs to easily have access to hygiene supplies to stay clean and look fresh. Various hygiene supplies like tissues, hand sanitizers, wet tissues, travel-friendly shampoo and soaps, and other personal hygiene products will help you feel good and stay fresh. However, finding hygiene supplies is hard when you are on the go and don’t want to spend too much from buying these products locally. Now you can buy such products without overspending and buy them at their original MRP cost via vending machines or SMRK’s. 

Vendiman – Your Summer Rescue Buddy! 

Summer is a season filled with outdoor activities, but it also demands proper care and protection. Incorporating vending machines or SMRK’s that dispense summer essential items can enhance the summer experience for everyone. By making these summer essentials freely accessible through vending machines, we can ensure that individuals have a safer and more enjoyable summer, regardless of their location or circumstances. 

Vendiman, India’s foremost in instant commerce via smart micro retail solutions, offers a wide range of F&B products via its Smart micro retail kiosk with presence in multiple sectors. Making products beyond F&B available via SMRK’s makes it convenient as these make them available hassle-free and 24×7. These machines would not only provide convenience but also promote a culture of preparedness and well-being. Experience the joy of buying through smart vending machines or SMRK’s, transform your buying experience, and take it to another level. 

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