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Imagine you just alighted from a train in the middle of the night. Hungry, exhausted, and sleepy. Too tired to walk up to a good restaurant located a kilometre or two. You come across a tuck shop that is too clumsy.  

You decide to walk up to a restaurant, carrying luggage, trying to hold accessories together, and suddenly you come across a smart vending machine. Stacked with healthy and nutritious food and beverages, this machine allows you to purchase all the essentials with multiple payment options. That’s the significance of Smart Vending Machines

Vending Machines: Contactless and Available 24 by 7 

No wonder the future of vending machines will soon become an integral part of our lives! It is essential, practical, and made to serve daily conveniences with a consumer-centric approach. 

The sole aim of introducing vending machines is to enable consumers to access healthy food and beverages, even during odd hours, with extended features such as digital payment options, e-wallets are added to enhance the customer experience.  

Is the Indian consumer Ready to Embrace Vending Machines? 

Indian consumers are willingly embracing digital platforms for convenience. The astonishing pace at which the masses from all strata are ordering daily essentials online is commendable. The success of online platforms is an indicator that Indian consumer is ready to try everything that provides convenience and trust. Smart-vending machines are just one of them! 

Vendiman : Enticing Proposition to Serve Daily Convenience and Essentials to the Consumers 

 Vendiman, a smart micro-retail solutions provider has strategically installed its snacks and beverage vending machines at metro stations, airports, manufacturing plants and offices to serve consumers with healthy and nutritious food and beverages around the clock.  

The fast-paced society needs distribution systems that can serve the essentials to them in a flexible and convenient manner. The snacks and beverage vending machines of Vendiman allow the consumers to select a product, pay using multiple payment options and grab the food or beverage instantly.  

The Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is equipped with a screen display and hassle-free operational capabilities that make the whole experience of buying food and beverages pleasant, convenient and safe without any wait time or delivery charges. 

The Way Ahead 

India has the biggest share of the young population that demands outstanding customer service with added benefits of convenience and safety. A vending machine satisfies the criteria. With the increasing adoption of digital technologies by the masses for availing products and services, vending machines are becoming part of our everyday lives and more demand in the future.