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Vending machines have come a long way in terms of the nature and volume of items dispensed from them. However, its advent into the food and beverages industry more than 100 years ago, denotes the perception of people connoting vending machines with “convenience”. What began as an automatic dispenser for junk food like soda cans and chips traditionally, to satiate hunger cravings, has now transitioned into a Smart Micro Retail Kiosk, which is the one-stop smart solution for making healthy food & nutritious beverages available instantly.  

Change of Mindset  

While traditional vending machines conveniently satiated the instant hunger cravings, they did not provide any substantive nutritional value. But with the rising consumer awareness about the long-term impacts of junk food on health, there has been a rapid change in consumer demands, leading to a significant shift from unhealthy snacking to preferences towards healthy options for their snacks or meals. According to a survey by Nextbite, 46% of consumers indicated eating healthier in 2022. Therefore, it became imperative to facilitate healthy alternative options to shift and make remarkable advancements to vending machines in India

Paradigm Shift from Unhealthy to Healthy

With majority consumers migrating towards favoring health & nutrition, this shift required an innovative and effective solvent solution. This change has propelled Vending machine suppliers in India to deliver. Following factors can be attributed to this transition in the mindset: 

  • Sedentary Lifestyle – Due to long work hours with prolonged exposure to laptop screens, physical activity has significantly decreased. This inactive lifestyle has led to a lot of health conditions at a young age. To compensate for the lack of physical movement, majority of people are opting for instant healthy meals at vending machines. 
  • Extensive range of Healthy curated options – About 10 years ago, healthy food was not easily accessible. But now, Healthy vending machines or Smart Micro Retail Kiosks can help meet several nourishment requirements, by enabling access to healthy, extensive, desirable food options, in places where food choices are especially limited. This is transforming the evolution of Smart Retail Solutions
  • Health is wealth mindset – Many people have been resorting to healthy meals and lifestyle. The decline in the health of individuals has made them mindful of what they consume. This has shed light on the health is wealth mindset. Healthy food vending machines provide various options to refrain from indulging in unhealthy food, while also relishing healthy food they deliver. 
  • Availability of Reliable and quick solution – For people who are always on the go, smart micro retail kiosks are a quick go-to solution. Taking small steps towards health comes from being mindful the food consumed. Even when swamped with work, these kiosks deliver a quick fix to hunger. Hence, it is a convenient and practical option for those looking forward to switching and transforming to a healthy lifestyle.   

How Vendiman Plugs in to Fill in the Gaps 

As India’s foremost in Instant Commerce via Smart Micro Retail Solutions, Vendiman is the ideal solution to make a smooth transition from ‘junk to healthy’. For today’s conscious consumers, Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are providing healthy options and helping drive and shape the new demands. It provides a wide range of healthy snack and meal options. 

Given that they take up a small amount of space, these kiosks are an exemplary solution to accommodating healthy food preferences. The versatility of these kiosks allows them to be placed just about anywhere, including offices, airports, hospitals, colleges, etc. 

Enabled by advanced technology, with real-time dashboards and inventory monitoring, these fully automated kiosks create a seamless purchasing experience. It’s to say that healthy vending is more than just a trend but a real alternative and a life-changing necessity.