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In recent years, there has been a major focus on employee health and well-being. An essential factor of it being hydration. Long working hours, with a sedentary lifestyle, dealing with back-to-back meetings and endless slack notifications leaves little time for staying hydrated. Unfortunately, dehydration is becoming a grave concern today and has significantly grown in offices, where people must essentially remember to drink enough fluids to work efficiently.  

Balance Between Work & Hydration 

When it comes to eating and drinking healthy, the importance of sipping enough liquids is often overlooked. According to the Natural Hydration Council, being properly hydrated is associated with better mental performance and cognition and helps combat tiredness and fatigue. All of these benefits combine to achieve greater productivity at work. 

Why SMRK is the Ideal Solution?  

While being hydrated has significant benefits, many people need multiple options to indulge in beverages. With Vendiman’s beverage vending machine or Smart Micro Retail Kiosk (SMRK), a wide range of curated beverage options are available, from water to refreshing healthy juices, and milk based healthy drinks. This Smart retail solution, makes it easier for you to stay hydrated with your favourite beverages and stay focused even at work. 

So how does installing an SMRK help? – Understanding the benefits: 

1: Convenience with Nutrition 

An SMRK offers your employees the convenience of grabbing a drink instantly. Leaving work and moving outside the office, in search of refreshments, may take up to 15- 20 minutes. While a visit to a vending machine or Vendiman SMRK, will get an employee back to work again with less time lost. It also ensures employees consume nutritious, healthy beverages instead of binging on unhealthy cold-drinks. 

2: Improved Productivity  

Not having instant access to healthy beverages can have a major impact on your workforce’s concentration levels. Providing healthier alternatives from an SMRK can help improve your employee’s productivity while eliminating the need to go to a local tuck- shop. The convenience of a healthy vending machine or SMRK means that workers can refuel on nutritious beverages throughout the working day. 

3: Economical and Available 24×7 

Having a healthy vending machine or SMRK in your office is far more economical than having an on-site canteen or tuck-shop. Unlike a canteen which needs to be run by staff, an SMRK is completely automated.  

With Vendiman SMRK, you don’t have to worry about canteen hours or staff shortages as it’s available 24×7 and can be suited for various working patterns while being scalable. 

4: Increased Employee Satisfaction 

When an employer makes sure their staff’s basic needs are within easy reach, it is a big morale booster. Employees feel cared for and SMRK can achieve improved employee satisfaction levels, by providing your staff with the drinks and snacks they need to get through the working day, resulting in a happy workforce! 

5: Promotes Workplace Wellness 

When you have a healthy workforce, they take less time off of work due to health issues. Having a healthy vending machine in the office can play a pivotal role in ensuring that workers can live healthier lifestyles that enables them to achieve their professional goals with reduced absenteeism which in turn leads to business’ profitability. 


Promoting health-conscious lifestyles is crucial to a healthy and happy workforce. We have seen its impact on increasing productivity and promoting the better health of an individual. Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Solutions have been a boon for customers at their workspace. We work on providing healthy beverage options to help you stay fit and healthy anytime and anywhere. 

Hence, any company’s primal need is to keep its employees energized & hydrated with the correct solution like Vendiman’s SMRK.