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The Leading Land of Technology – Japan    

Japan is the foremost country known for its significant advancements in technology. It is said that “Japanese are already living in the future”. For example, the first vending machine in Japan was introduced in the year 1888; since then, the popularity and variations in vending machines there have been unmatched. The substantial presence of vending machines on every street or block, is making its omnipresent popularity visible throughout the country. 

Be it robots or numerous other automated devices, it isn’t surprising that there are approximately more than 4 million vending machines in Japan as of 2023 with items like F&B Products and even unusual products like flowers and neckties stocked in vending machines. 

The Need for Smart vending Machines in India   

India is a highly populated country, to provide and safely facilitate every individual with top services and easy accessibility, it is essential to partake in the Vending machine culture. 

Taking inspiration from the popular land of unique vending machines, we need to add innovative products and items of daily convenience to the vending machines in India. This will help incorporate ease in the daily life of individuals while also serving its maximum potential in the market. 

So, What Can We Learn from Japan? Here are a Few Important Takeaways: 

1. Convenient and Ever Present 

Vending machines are ubiquitous in Japan. With one vending machine per 23 citizens, Japan has the highest density in the world. You’ll find them everywhere, from train stations and busy city corners to temples and small mountain towns. The need for convenience has led to the high density of machines. These machines are better and more sustainable than setting up a store as they take very little space and electricity. 

2. Anything can be Vended 

Apart from being incredibly convenient, Japan’s vending machines have a reputation for their almost comical variety. Be it newspapers, chewing gums, flowers; you name it, and there’s probably been a vending machine for it at some point. Anything that can be sold over the counter can be vended from a smart vending machine. The fact that nothing is out of bounds is what allows vending machine industry to prosper there. 

As vending machines are now widely being accepted in India, the same trend will be seen in the coming years as these machines would go beyond the F&B sector. 

3. Constantly Evolving 

It’s easy to associate Japanese culture with technology and automation. Be it variety, technology or design, vending machines in Japan have been evolving ever since, catering to the needs of their consumers. Thus, vending machines have become vital to the daily user in a society that values convenience. 

Vending machines in India also need to evolve, keeping consumer preferences in mind. 

4. Fascination with Automation

A significant part of the appeal of vending machines in Japan is their aesthetic. These machines can feature everything from brand logos to anime characters, appealing illustrations, etc. This makes them an enticing lifestyle offering. 

Vendiman smart micro retail kiosks, the foremost in instant commerce via smart micro retail solutions, have an appealing design that quickly enhances and uplifts your space with its orange color and design. 

5. Interactive & Immersive Technology 

In Japan, vending machine manufacturers are incorporating all sorts of technology. They are building machines that talk to their customers, incorporating facial recognition technologies to recognize regular customers and predict what they will purchase; they are using predictive analysis to help customers make appropriate choices. These features make their vending machines even more enticing. 

Recent Acknowledgement of Vending Machines in India 

Smart vending machines are widely being accepted and getting popular in India too for quick, affordable products. Smart vending machines in India have now become an essential part of everyday life, adhering to the busy schedules of individuals. Vendiman is India’s foremost in instant commerce via smart micro retail solutions, making everyday convenience available easier, smarter, safer. With its Smart micro retail kiosk, Vendiman offers the highest quality of service and operational excellence to its customers through its innovative solutions. It has a multi-sector presence and can be easily located near you, making it highly convenient and available 24/7.  

Thus, Vendiman smart vending machines, with their healthy range, and appealing design is a compelling solution with a visual delight. Get one in your premises to amp up your facility.