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Monsoon signifies the end of scorching heat as we slowly gear up for cool and cozy weather! While it is an emotion for many portraying exciting, serene and nostalgic feelings, the monsoon season brings with it a unique set of challenges. From umbrellas to raincoats, from hot beverages to portable snacks, people seek convenient ways to tackle the unpredictable weather and make their daily lives more comfortable during this time. The struggle of navigating through the downpour can be difficult, mainly when it comes to staying dry and prepared. But fret not! We have got your needs covered so you can have solace and an exciting experience during the monsoon.

Vending machines have emerged as a revolutionary solution, providing easy access to monsoon must-haves. These automated kiosks have transformed the way people obtain essential items, offering convenience, reliability, and efficiency like never before.

Get ready to discover how smart micro retail kiosks or smart vending machines have revolutionized how we embrace the monsoons, ensuring convenience and comfort in this enchanting season.

Below Are Some Of The Needful Must Have Products That Can Be Stocked In A Smart Vending Machine

1. Compact, Foldable Umbrellas And Raincoats

The idea of lugging around a cumbersome umbrella seems like a hassle, potentially weighing you down during your travel. However, if strategically placed in transit locations, smart vending machines are ready to revolutionize your rainy-day experience to its full potential.

It can stock up lightweight and compact umbrellas, making them easily accessible anytime and anywhere to rescue you through unexpected rain. And it doesn’t stop there! These machines also cater to the needs of school kids who forget to carry their raincoats, making it readily available near schools, ensuring that the children stay dry and are protected.

2. Pet Protecting Raincoats

Your pet may love the pleasant rainy day just as much as you! Pets go through a period of limited exercise during monsoon, limiting their joy and risking their health. However, as responsible pet owners, many people might avoid taking their animals for a walk to protect them from falling sick during rain and to ensure their well-being.

Nothing can stop you and your pet from enjoying your walks and spending quality time together despite the rain. Smart vending machines can stock up on pet-protecting raincoats so your pets can enjoy their walks without getting wet and explore the season, making happy memories.

3. Waterproof Accessories (Covers)   

Electronic items are extremely valuable, many of us even travel to work with our laptops. A protective shield is necessary for the monsoon to save us from mobile phone or laptop getting wet, risking our electronic valuables.

Smart vending machines can easily be your go-to solution as they’re accessible 24/7 and can stock a range of products like waterproof covers for phones, laptops, cameras and other electronic devices that can be handy to let you continue your daily routine or work without making you hesitant to use your electronic devices. Not only electronics but one of the most inconvenient aspects of the rainy season is wet and muddy shoes. Vending machines can offer waterproof shoe covers that can easily slip over your shoes, protecting them from rainwater and mud. This ensures that you can navigate through puddles and muddy paths without worrying about ruining your footwear.

4. Hygiene Essentials

Staying clean and hygienic during the monsoon season is essential. But carrying them or finding them instantly when needed can be a challenge. Smart vending machines can stock essential hygiene items such as disposable raincoats, napkins, and wet wipes, ensuring that you can maintain your hygiene even when you’re on the go, and instantly access these essentials in a flash. These items are conveniently and instantly accessible, providing a quick and effective solution to freshen up and stay clean.

5. Instant Snacks On-The-Go

We all incline our food choices towards healthy snacks that are instantly available to grab. But the only option sometimes is nearby tuck-shops that may lack hygiene during monsoons.

And when you are on the go in the rainy weather, vending machines have you covered with a selection of portable snacks. From cookies and baked chips to energy bars and nuts, these machines offer a range of options to satisfy your cravings. These snacks are conveniently packaged and ready to grab, making them the perfect companion for your monsoon adventures. So, if you’re rushing to work and are unable to find a meal for yourself, indulge in Vendiman’s Ready to eat products like Maggie, poha, upma, noodles, etc., effortlessly from your nearest kiosk.

Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks – Shielding You from Monsoon Inconvenience!

Smart micro-retail kiosks (SMRK) have revolutionized how we acquire items of daily essential, enhancing it and taking it a step towards convenience and ease. The convenience and reliability of these smart vending machines have made them a popular choice for acquiring monsoon must-haves. With SMRK’s or vending machines strategically placed in malls, offices, public spaces, and even residential areas, individuals have easy access to these essential items at any time of the day. The advanced technology incorporated into vending machines ensures that they are always stocked with the necessary products, eliminating disappointment or unavailability.

It is even more promising considering its fully automated features that keep upgrading, simplifying the buying process and making it more accessible and quicker.

So, remember, the next time you are stuck on a rainy day, don’t panic; get your needs sorted with us. After all, the future is smart and safe with Vendiman. Get in touch and email us at to install a Smart micro retail kiosk.

Share your suggestion on what products you would want to have Vending machines to offer in the comments section below.