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We are living in unprecedented times. There has been a significant shift from offline retail sales to digital retail sales post pandemic. Things are constantly evolving as the demand for flexibility is at an all-time high. Be it the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere or getting contactless delivery of essential items at any time of the day. The retail landscape is seen to be moving towards an ‘all-day ON’ mode. Today, with the changing lifestyle and work schedules, consumers do not want to make transactions in a 12-hour block and the need is for instant commerce, where anything is available, anywhere and at any time. To cater to this modified lifestyle, traditional innovations like vending machines are being modified to suit the needs of consumers. 

These vending machines, now improved and enhanced, known as Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are turning out to become an effective means of contactless and instant gratification of impulse needs. With advanced digitization and IoT, these Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are the catalysts contributing to the rapid shift of retail from 9to9 to 24×7. 

Why the 24 X 7 Retail Model is the Way Forward? 

Countries like the USA, Japan, and China have successfully adopted the 24×7 retail model. Now India too is rapidly adapting. With the Indian economy experiencing a massive growth curve year on year, consumer habits are changing radically. With more consumers opting for instant commerce, vending machines or Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are rapidly penetrating the Indian market catering to different needs. And here’s how smart vending machines are one of the top contributors in painting a futuristic picture for retail:  

A Quick and Time-Saving Option 

Smart vending machines offer a quick solution to meet your customers’ needs anytime, anywhere. From fetching quick refreshing drinks to healthy meals, vending machines serve the best! With Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks, vending machines in India are a lot ahead than they were a decade ago. These smart micro-retail kiosks provide a curated range of options like ready-to-eat meals, healthy snacks, beverages, etc. 

No Space Constraints

Automatic vending machines are installed in places that are easily accessible for people and take up very minimal space. Be it placing them at airports, offices, stations, or hospitals, smart micro-retail kiosks can be put up anywhere for consumers to easily grab a quick meal on the go. With the 24 X 7 model, it becomes easy to buy essential items at odd hours. Vendiman provides Smart Micro Retail Solutions for various product ranges like food, beverage, health and personal care. 

A Choice that is Easily Accessible 

While most restaurants and cafes close doors at specific hours, there’s still a go-to for your late-night hunger pangs with Vendiman’s Smart Micro Retail Kiosks. With a wide range of snacks, drinks and healthy food options available 24 X 7, customer satisfaction and a rise in sales is given as all the products are available at MRP. Vendiman provides these kiosks or vending machines on rent that are a great kickstart for a move in the 24 x 7 retail model. 

Convenience End-to-End 

For office staff working night shifts and hospital nurses working at odd hours, some essentials become saviors. Stationery items, first aid essentials, sanitary napkins to quick refreshments for staying up! Vendiman provides smart micro retail solutions like personal care kiosks, pantry supply services, and of course, top-notch food and beverage vending machines called Smart Micro Retail Kiosks that are enabled by advance technology and offer instant convenience without any delivery charge or waiting time.  

Indian consumers have happily embraced digital platforms. Moreover, the growth of technology has increased their trust in experimenting with new 24×7 convenience shopping to grab products instantly without any hassle. Vending Machines or smart micro-retail kiosks are strategically installed at critical locations to get beverages, snacks, groceries, and much more. Smart vending machines fulfill the criteria by promising a successful 24×7 retail experience without adding to extra manpower and delivery costs.