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Smart vending machine gained popularity in the western countries more than two decades ago. Although Indian markets were not very inclined towards it in the past, recent times have given it a lot of fandom. A recent study shows that there are about 65 lakh possible locations for installing vending machines in India. Especially with the COVID-impact on the world, hygiene, contactless transactions, and safety has become a trend forever. This led to a rise in vending machine suppliers not only in India but across the globe. Be it healthy food items, daily essential items or generic medicines, vending machines are moving in a direction of increased convenience and of course a business opportunity for newbies. Here are a few global top vending machine trends 2022 you must know: 

Increased Consumer Convenience Through Contactless Digital Payments

People across the world are increasingly demanding contactless transactions as digital payments and vending machines give the user what they want, instantly and with minimum hassle. This year, in India, digital payments increased by about 33%. This has resulted in higher contactless transactions and more digital payment options. The vending machines industry hence has taken off like never before paving the way for its ever-lasting rise in the years to come. Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk provides varied payment options like Debit/Credit/Meal cards, UPI/E-wallets and online banking. 

A Vending Machine for Every Sector 

Right from its inception in the early 1880s, when vending machines were used to avail postcards, to now, when these machines are used for anything from food to even gold, this is the one industry that progressively keeps up with the changing demands of consumers. Today, worldwide, snack and beverage vending machines with healthy food options, are available at various different places. 2022 has witnessed installations of vending machines in the vicinity of places like colleges, corporate offices, manufacturing units, hospitals, residential societies, etc. Vendiman, the foremost in instant commerce via smart micro retail solutions, is also present in multiple sectors with its smart micro retail kiosks. 

New Age Vending Machines with Healthy Product Range

With its impregnable growth, vending machines are now promoting healthy eating by making healthy meals and beverages easily accessible. Most people globally are considering quitting high-calorie junk food and moving towards a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food. Vending machines with healthy food products are a boon to the world that 2022 has witnessed. It is estimated that the total market for healthy food vending machines will grow by more than 10% in the next 5 years. Vendiman’s smart vending machines, known as smart micro retail kiosks, make available healthy and wholesome ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and refreshing beverages for its consumers; making it a lifestyle offering. 

Growing Branding Opportunity with a New Age Digital Medium

Vending machines are proving to be one of the smartest ways of branding for businesses. Employing your branding initiatives via a vending machine fosters a positive brand image as vending machines are one of the strongest mediums of communication with high visibility as these are placed at high footfall areas, and are an economical option as compared to traditional hoardings. Vendiman provides branding opportunity with its digital screens and static panels for communicating brand values and products. 


2022 trends clearly signify what an exciting time it is for vending machine operators in India, as vending machines are now enhanced, all as a result of technological advances and digital choices of consumers! In this ever evolving industry, keeping track of the current trends and imbibing these trends into the services is what Vendiman believes in.