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In today’s busy world, where everyone is hustling every day to meet their professional and personal commitments, it’s imperative that we adopt healthy food habits in our daily routine to maintain our wellbeing. But it’s challenging with hunger pangs at odd hours and the lack of time for a sit-down meal. The quick fix to this would be snacks, meals that are healthy and instantly available. 

Healthy Food and Beverages Anytime, Anywhere! 

The complex need for quality and safe food is identified by Vendiman, and has introduced smart vending machines known as smart micro-retail kiosks catering to multiple sectors. 


Healthcare workers often respond to emergency situations with limited time and rest, to protect patients. They function round the clock to provide comprehensive health services to patients and hospitals are crowded with staff, doctors, and visitors all day long. It may get difficult for people to find time to eat. To address this, Vendiman smart micro-retail solutions is the perfect fix to provide food and beverages 24×7 at hospitals, even when cafeteria is shut. 

Manufacturing Sector

Industrial employees work in shifts to achieve production targets. They are either deprived of food in the wee hours or are forced to eat at unhygienic tuck shops near their facility.  

Vendiman, a smart vending machine supplier provides snacks and beverage vending machines known as smart micro retail kiosks, inside factories, assembly plants, and workshops. The workers can avail healthy food and beverages from our smart kiosks, 24×7, without compromising productivity. 

Transit Points 

Metro trains have provided an efficient and faster mode of commute for citizens living in metro cities who are always on the go. They are mostly in a hurry and don’t have time to sit and eat. Vendiman’s snacks and beverage vending machines known as smart micro retail kiosks at strategic locations at metro stations, help commuters to avail healthy and nutritious food instantly and catch the train. 


Air-travelers often have a long flight and might not have enough time before departure. They don’t want to spend their time ordering food and waiting for it to arrive at the table. 

They can simply walk up to Vendiman smart micro retail kiosks at the airports, pick the food or beverage of their choice, and eat healthy and nutritious food instantly. 

Educational Campuses

Students are hyperactive, full of activity and always on the go! They might skip food at times, due to lack of time and availability. Vendiman, a comprehensive, user-friendly, and convenient smart micro-retail solutions provider, for not only students but also professors to avail healthy food and beverages round the clock at schools/colleges. They can quickly grab anything to eat/drink while running between lectures, and being rest assured that it’s healthy and safe. 

Corporate Offices

Corporates usually work long hours where they barely get enough time to eat proper meals and unhealthy munching has led to them constantly looking for a balance between work and health. They need something quick but healthy. 

Unlike traditional vending machines that provided unhealthy snacks and cold drinks, Vendiman’s smart micro-retail kiosks serve a range of nutritious and healthy food and beverage options that enable employees to eat right, at any time, thus leading to increased productivity without compromising on health. 

Adopt the Change to Embrace Wellbeing

Our wellbeing depends on many factors but food plays an important role as the right nourishment can do wonders. We have successfully established ourselves as a smart micro- retail solutions provider serving consumers from various sectors, round the clock, to provide them with the right kind of food, beverages, and care! With the aim of Nourishing Communities! Easier. Smarter. Safer.