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Manufacturing industry is the backbone of our society, providing us with everyday conveniences, and has influenced every aspect of our lives. The workers, engineers, and technicians work round the clock to provide quality products to us uninterruptedly with workmanship and dedication. 

The manufacturing sector employs hundreds of thousands of workers and taking care of their nourishment is quite tedious for managers to address. 

Access to quality food: A major concern for workers in the manufacturing industry 

The workers at manufacturing plants often work long hours, in different shifts with different breaks. 24×7 factories find it challenging to provide snacks/meals along with tea/coffee to their staff as they usually don’t have canteens in their facility. Even if there is a canteen, access is limited for a certain period of time and the quality of food served may not be hygienic and safe. 

Hence, workers may be compelled to step outside the factory premises and resort to unhygienic food from local food joints or nearby tuck shops. With this they not only lose time but may also hamper their health. Thus, leading to a reduction in productivity and profitability.  

Vendiman: Serving quality hygienic food through smart vending machines to increase the productivity of workers

To address this issue, Vendiman is here with smart micro-retail kiosks, earlier known as smart vending machines, to provide healthy, nutritious, and hygienic food options to workers, instantly and available 24×7 for their flexible working hours. 

From our smart micro-retail-kiosks, the workers can choose from a curated range like ready to eat range, breakfast & all-day dining range, lunch, dinner meals, healthy snacks, and beverages. 

Vendiman: Providing healthy and hygienic food to manufacturing sectors smartly

Workers work in volatile environments like a shop floor or foundry and may need healthy and nutritious food to keep themselves functioning at their best while observing all the safety norms. Workers can select the food or beverage of their choice by making payment conventionally or digitally through debit/credit cards, UPI and e-wallets such as GPay, Paytm, etc. 

Range of food products and beverages offered by Vendiman 

We offer ready-to-eat all-day dining meals, baked chips, popcorn, khakhra, healthy bites, makhana range, dry fruits, and baked snacks to nourish workers even during rotational shifts. 

Factory workers working on the shop floor, on assembly lines, or in foundry, tend to get dehydrated immediately because of intense physical activity. Our smart vending machines, known as smart-micro-retail kiosks, can be easily installed anywhere on the factory premises to provide food and beverages 24×7. We offer energy drinks, sugar-free juices, packaged fruit juices, lassi, and milk-based sugar-free drinks to keep the workers hydrated instantly.  

Vendiman: Serving food and beverages with care, to the building blocks of our society

Workers in the manufacturing sector are the building blocks of society. They work hard and sincerely to build products that make our lives comfortable. They are an asset to the nation and we are committed to nourishing them easier, smarter, safer.