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Every business operator looks forward to integrating recent technological advancements to meet the perpetual needs of the customers.    

This formulates the need to integrate the PaaS model, which has various benefits, encouraging brands to integrate it, and enable the availability of their products via smart vending machines or smart micro retail kiosks. It mainly helps in revolutionizing and easing the operating system, which helps curb the retail problems in the business. 

Defining PaaS – An Innovative Plug & Play Solution 

PaaS or ‘Platform as a service’, enhances functionality with an advanced solution, and helps automate the product offering. It helps in facilitating and co-branding with brands by providing them with the necessary assistance through hardware, technology and replenishment, offering convenience through digital solutions; without the inflexibility and complexity that accompany in building and maintaining the platform on-premises.   

PaaS allows you to make experiments and changes by trying out new operating system, without making substantial investments in them or the infrastructure needed to run them. 

Vendiman offers its optimized Smart micro retail solutions with new avenues through its PaaS model – providing fully automated kiosks, supply chain management, dashboard and technical support; while procurement of goods is undertaken by the company/brand. 

An Exemplary Solution for All Stakeholders 

Installing a Smart micro retail kiosk helps to elevate your business, ensuring scalability with a highly convenient and optimized process. 

Acquiring customer data and analytics is now possible and even more convenient by adopting Vendiman’s PaaS solution. It not only helps you procure specific data on customers’ needs but also helps keep track of the consumption of products. 

1. For Clients – 

  • Optimised real estate space 
  • Contactless & Cost-efficient solution 
  • Dashboard & Analytics 

2. For Employees – 

  • Low Touch & Digital 
  • 24×7 availability 
  • Wide range of products 

3. For Strategic Partners – 

  • Instant launch with low capex investment 
  • Easy and quick revision of range and strategy 
  • Flexible & Scalable 

Different Use Cases of the PaaS Model and Benefits 

1. Ice-cream Kiosk 

The profound happiness of enjoying your favourite ice cream at any time of the day is unmatched. However, you may not be able to fulfil your cravings at odd hours. With an automated, spill-safe ice-cream kiosk, one can have it without any assistance or restricted timings. 

24/7 Ice-Cream Accessibility at Airport: Vendiman has co-partnered with NIC- Naturals Ice Cream by providing Vendiman’s Smart micro retail kiosk (with an elevator to avoid spillage) to offer the varied and delectable range of NIC ice creams, available via our automated kiosk. This helps the brand’s products be available 24/7 and derive tremendous market visibility, thus increasing sales. 

2. Pet Food Kiosk 

Finding your pet supplies is hard, especially in cases where the product is out of stock or unavailable at the store. In addition, it can take too much of time and effort. 

Manage product inventory and supply information: Through the PaaS solution, pet store brands can co-partner and automate the offering of their products in the market and make sales elaborately, via a smart vending machine. Moreover, it helps seamlessly managing your product and inventory supply efficiently, without any hassle. 

Vendiman will soon partner with a top global FMCG player, to offer Smart micro retail solutions to provide pet supplies via a voice command kiosk, co-branded with Vendiman. 

3. Chocolate Vending Kiosk 

A shop requires proper space, staff and additional overheads to function. Whereas, a vending kiosk takes minimal space, and makes multiple offerings through the kiosk with an added advantage of 24×7 availability. 

Optimizes real estate space: Top chocolate aggregator brand, will partner with Vendiman and make their products available through our fully automated Smart micro retail kiosk, enabling them to offer their various products. Thus, ensuring enhanced sales with maximum brand visibility and reach. 

4. Food From your Kitchen via Kiosks 

Fresh meals and more with food items from your kitchen, via our kiosks, thus complementing cafeterias. This solution ensures daily fresh meals are provided to your employees, without any staff assistance. 

Quality and quick solution: Vendiman’s Smart micro retail solutions help serve your employees instantly via smart micro retail kiosks. Our smart, automated kiosks, stores the food items at the right temperature, ensuring their best condition, and is a quick solution to meet daily employee requirements. 

Futureproof your Business with a Revolutionary Solution from Vendiman

The retail industry has evolved and seen a great shift from retail outlets to automated retail. Being a provider of smart micro retail solutions, Vendiman adopts a pragmatic approach to fulfil instant gratification needs via its smart micro retail kiosks. We work with transparency, ensuring to meet client’s requirements carefully and perfectly matched as per their expectations.   

With Vendiman’s Smart micro retail solutions, you can keep track of the consumption and get technical support through our digital dashboards and futureproof your business with our PaaS model. Our smart vending machine or smart micro retail kiosks provides a solution for your brand/company by providing the platform, supply chain management, and front-end logistics & replenishment. Our dashboards log all details and create transparency about consumption thus, helping brands leverage their offering. 

If you’re looking to upgrade and automate your offering with a smart vending machine, then connect with the team at Vendiman to offer your products via our smart micro retail kiosks. E–mail us –