Your Health & Safety Are Our Top Priorities

As we continue to monitor the Novel Coronavirus situation and prepare to resume operations, we want to keep you posted on all the steps we are undertaking to safeguard our consumers, our clients, our warehouses and employees.

Safety measures implemented in line with FSSAI Covid-19 guidelines

Wear a Mask

All employees are mandated to strictly adhere to wearing face masks while on duty

Wash hand

Personnel are trained to frequently use hand sanitizer and wash their hands for 20 seconds every 2 hours

Social distance

We have trained our employees to follow all social distancing guidelines and educate consumers to maintain the same while transacting

Corona virus

We ensure frequent sanitization of our warehouses and storage facilities through appropriate disinfectants


All employees will undergo daily temperature scanning and checks for flu-like symptoms

14 days quarantine

In case any employee complains of flu-like symptoms, he/she is mandated to self-quarantine at home for 14 days

  • Our warehouses undergo regular deep cleaning. Incoming cartons are sanitized before being stored in the warehouse and outgoing stock is packed in freshly sanitized cartons.
  • All warehouse employees and VRAs are provided with disposable face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and hand wash. They are thoroughly trained on health & safety protocol to be followed while at client premises.
  • To accommodate a low-touch and minimal contact experience, we have promoted, and encourage our clients to use cashless payments through e-wallets, RFID cards and Debit/Credit cards.
  • As an additional safety measure, we request our clients to place hand sanitizers near the machine for associates to use before and after interacting with the machine. Also, we provide a box of toothpicks on the machine for keypad operation.
  • We are working on a refreshed product range with new introduction of smart, and convenient, ready to eat and all day dining meals that include but are not limited to; noodles, pastas, poha, upma, biryani, etc.
  • Through all these measures, rigorous prudence and continued teamwork, we assure our clients that if the correct protocol is followed, the use of Vendiman Kiosks is a Safer and Smarter option to keep your employees nourished.

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