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An ideal workplace needs to have intact facilities that support the needs of every employee at the workplace. However, not everyone is privileged to have such facilities easily. Due to limited or no access to healthy meals at industrial plants, there is discontent amongst workers. They often have to resort to nearby tuck-shops to fulfill their hunger, leading to deteriorating health and loss in productivity as the worker has to step out of the facility. They have strenuous physical activity and working hours which are both physically and mentally exhausting; hence fulfilling their food requirements inside the facility is essential.  

A report by Indian Labour Association reveals that Indian workers are overworking to their limit and the insufficient facilities provided for their well-being are raising concerns. To provide workers with instant access to nutritious meals, placing a Smart Micro Retail Kiosk (SMRK) is the ideal solution in such manufacturing sectors to provide nourishment with fully automated kiosks and that save time and quickly resolve all your worries from F&B to other requirements. These kiosks make meals available 24×7, unlike any tuck-shop, thus ensuring the workforce working in different shifts have instant access to it. 

Different Use Cases and Benefits of SMRK in Manufacturing Sectors Are: 

• Quick Meal Fix 

A healthy diet ensures optimal energy for daily activities. Unfortunately, the workers in the manufacturing sector lack healthy and wholesome meal options. Due to insufficient meal options that are both healthy and cost-effective, they resort to meals from nearby tuck shops that lack hygiene and quality. 

Even night shift workers need easy access to food items while they cannot locate a nearby eatery considering the odd hours. A smart micro retail kiosk offers 24/7 access to a curated wide variety of products to choose from that are nutritious, and hygienic meal options for workers. It will not just keep them healthy but also energized to carry on with their activities and keeps them onsite thus increasing efficiency. 

• Store Required Factory Tools & Supplies 

Getting your hands at frequently required basic tools and products can be extremely hard and time consuming. In addition, one may run out of basic tools like hammers or small screws and bolts, etc. 

At times like this, a vending machine is very convenient, with tools as per work requirement, so they are easily accessible to workers while encouraging better work and productivity. 

• First Aid Facilities 

Factory workers dealing with physical work involving machines and tools are easily prone to injuries and chemical exposure or a heavy intensive workload could result in fatigue. Injuries like cuts, burns, and bruises have often resulted in harmful incidents that turn fatal. 

As a result, A smart micro retail kiosk secures and assists with quick facilities in unexpected situations like accidents and injuries. The machines can stock bandages, relief sprays, cotton, scissors, antiseptic lotions, burn relief creams, etc. and many more requirements that can be easily vended through a vending machine or SMRK, making it accessible for workers and saving an urgent rush to a faraway pharmacy. 

• Hygiene Supplies 

In a manufacturing unit it is essential to provide workers with proper hygiene supplies like sanitizers, wet tissues, handwash, gloves, and many more. Female workers will also need assistance with health and hygiene supplies, including sanitary supplies. 

Smart vending machines can store all health and hygiene supplies and carefully meet the needs of workers. 

• Energizing Beverages 

Working around machines carrying out manual labour or even supervising machines can result in less or no energy for the workers. Therefore, it is essential that they have access to suitable clean fluids like healthy beverages or juices that instantly energize and recharge the body and provide proper nutrition and energy their body needs. 

Vending machines can stock a wide variety of beverages or juices that will save the workers from dehydration and fatigue. Such useful facilities and optimal machinery will ensure healthy and happy individuals at their workplace. Moreover, it will help them prioritize their health by easily accessing a wide variety of beverages. 

Vendiman Lets You Evolve-Upskill-Modernize Your Facility! 

Vendiman’s Smart micro retail solutions help you modernize and upgrade your facility and lifestyle with significant betterment of workers. Our kiosks cater to everyone’s needs and are ideal in many sectors for accessible and smart go-to solutions, assisting businesses to upgrade their facilities. 

Our machines are easy to operate with a simple Pay-select-grab process with multiple payment options making it accessible and convenient to a large number of people. We provide a wide curated range of products that are branded with 100% hygienic products via our well-established supply chain. 

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