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What types of Automatic Micro Retail Solutions are currently available?

Currently, there are two types of solutions available:

  • Large Size: Dimension: is W-5Ft, D-3Ft, H-6.3Ft with the capacity of upto 450 SKUs and average power consumption of 6 units per day. Temperature Range: 4-10o C
  • Medium Size: Dimension: is W-3Ft, D-3Ft, H-6.3Ft with the capacity of upto 300 SKUs and average power consumption of 3 units per day. Temperature Range: 4-10o C

We offer a quick way for people who are short of time yet want to grab a bite on the go. Customers are presented an easier way to shop for a meal, snack or beverage while vendors are provided an easier way to sell

What are the different types of products/selections that can be dispensed from the Automatic Micro Retail Solutions?

  • Ready to Eat (RTE) Meals: Sambhar Rice, Rajma Chawal, Khichdi, Biryani, Pasta, Schezwan Fried Rice
  • All day dining items: Sandwiches, Wraps and Rolls, Upma, Poha, Noodles, Oats
  • Snacks: Makhana range, Popcorns, Namkeen Range, Chips, Nuts/Trail mix
  • Desserts and Confectionaries: Chocolates, energy bars, Chikki, Granola bars, Cake, Cookies
  • Nutritious Juices, Coconut Water, Energy Drinks, Aerated Drinks
  • Milk based beverages (Cold Coffee, Milkshakes, Lassi, Chaas)
  • Packaged Drinking Water (Regular, Flavoured, and Tonic)
  • Face Masks, Gloves & PPE Kits, Sanitizers, Facial Wet Wipes,
  • Sanitary Healthcare
  • Contraceptive Healthcare

Can the product range be customised to our company requirements?

Vendiman has a tie up with 150+ brands and a range of 850+ SKUs to choose from

What do the products in the kiosks cost?

We play fair. Our products are sold on MRP, sometimes even below MRP. That’s the reason we run out of water bottles the quickest!

Are the products used in Snacks and Beverages kiosks safe to consume?

We take pride in our adherence to the highest quality of safety standards. Vendiman ensures that only FSSAI certified products from renowned brands are retailed. Scheduled, periodical audits are carried out at random by our highly efficient Operations team to ensure no expired products or products nearing expiry are ever retailed.

What are the payment options available in the smart micro retail kiosks?

We strive in making our smart micro retail kiosks with maximum adaptability. For ease of use, we can configure the micro retail kiosks to accept one or a combination of the following payment options;


  1. Cash (notes and coins)
  2. Smart cards (RFID)
  3. Contactless QR based digital payments like Paytm, Phonepe, etc.
  4. Credit / Debit cards
  5. Meal cards like Sodexo, Zeta, Bank meal cards, etc.

We have our own company card - will it also work with the Vendiman system?

We can certainly try! Our internal tech team loves a good challenge and will work effortlessly to suggest a mutually convenient solution.

What if someone loses money, product gets stuck in the micro retail kiosk, money is deducted without dispensing the product, and the kiosk breaks down?

All Vendiman micro retail kiosks have the customer service phone number prominently displayed. When a complaint is registered on this number, the issue is resolved on top priority within 24 hrs. We would love for the customer to inform us of any such situations (small or big), as mending the issue asap is of utmost significance to us.

How does a full service micro retail solution work?

The process is simple, all-inclusive, and with no hidden costs. Once onboard with Vendiman, we promise to provide a holistic micro retail experience. This means; Vendiman installs the smart kiosks and ensures regular refilling based on the through-put to sales ratio. All breakdowns and complaints are attended to without any cost to the client. Replacement of parts, the labour cost for maintenance, etc. is also included in your package. Periodic servicing of the micro retail kiosk is done by Vendiman’s technical team and ensures your micro retail kiosk is safe, shiny and up to the mark. Always.

What will our role be post Installation of micro retail kiosk?

Your role will be to guide and support us. Our customer satisfaction team will connect with you for timely feedback and we hope we can get genuine insight. As we grow together, we aim to continuously maintain our record of a seamless, stress-free process.

Where should I install or place the Smart Micro Retail Solutions?

Great Question! Our team of experts will conduct Recce during the site visit and advise. Since smart Micro Retail is a concept of providing ADDITIONAL convenience to users, these micro retail kiosks should preferably be installed in populated areas close to where consumers hangout or chill.

Usually, Vendiman smart micro retail kiosks are installed at typical locations; pantry floors where tea/coffee machines are installed, the cafeteria/canteen, main lobby of the building, common utility areas, bus bays, breakout areas…

What requirements are necessary in my facility to install a micro retail kiosk?

Usually, the space required to install a micro retail kiosk is W-3Ft, D-3Ft, H-6.3Ft. Additionally, an electric point with a 15-amp connection of uninterrupted supply, and storage space for material is also a must. In case this is not possible, our operations team can guide towards an alternative solution.

How do I know which micro retail kiosk is best for my requirements?

In today’s world of evolving businesses, every location is unique and has its own specific requirements. Do write to us at giving details of your plan and we shall guide and have the solution customized to your needs.

What are the advantages of having a Smart Micro Retail Solution?

  • Curated Range of Products
  • Convenience
  • No Human to Human Contact
  • 24 X 7 availability
  • Bespoke, Flexible and Scalable
  • Increased employee/user productivity
  • Cost saving
  • Employee engagement & retention
  • WOW Factor through technological advancement

How much power consumption does a smart micro retail kiosk consume?

The average power consumption is about 3 units per day for a medium sized kiosk and about 6 units a day for the large sized kiosk.

What is the space required for Snacks and Beverage Smart Micro Retail kiosk?

This depends on the type of micro retail kiosk you choose to install. Dimensions typically ranges between 10-15 sq. ft.

How long does it take to install a smart micro retail solution and what is the process?

Once you raise your query/express interest in our product, this is the process that needs following;

  • Requirement submitted to the Growth Team
  • Proposal including commercials submitted to the client along with standard Terms and Conditions
  • Signing of Agreement
  • Site visit of Facility for installation
  • Deployment of the micro retail kiosk


The above mentioned steps take about 3 working days. Post the formalities, it generally takes about 15 days for the launch of the micro retail kiosk

How often is the micro retail kiosk refilled?

This will depend on the sales that are generated. We do not have a minimum or a maximum. Based on currently deployed micro retail kiosks, refills may vary from once a week to daily to multiple times a day. We generally do not like our machines to ever remain empty

How to use the Smart Micro Retail kiosks?

Training on how to use the smart micro retail kiosks can be arranged for the entire team if required. Additional, step-by-step details can be found in the ‘How to use micro retail kiosks’ PDF. Needless to say, customer support is always available in case of further doubts.

How do I recharge my RFID Card online?

At the moment, recharge can only happen in a single manner. Instructions to recharge the RFID card can be found on the recharge tab on our website –

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