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Optimal nutrition for children and youngsters is always emphasized as they represent the future, growth, and hope of our community. We are constantly under pressure to feed the right food to our children and raise them as “good eaters”.

The youth are tech-savvy and always prefer cutting-edge technology to simplify their day-to-day activities. They use digital technology for public transport, ordering clothes, or paying bills conveniently.

College, classes, sports, and fun. Youngsters are always on the go! Imagine if we provide them with a smart micro-retail solution that enables them to buy food and beverages on the go. They will love it! 

Raising Children as “Good Eaters” is a Challenge

Youngsters are munching on unhealthy fast food for a variety of reasons. Fast food is readily available. You can see fast food joints and tuck shops mushrooming at every nook and corner of the streets. Fast food is tempting, spicy, and it’s quite difficult for parents to convince teenagers to opt for food that is healthy and nutritious. 

The Vicious Trap of Illegitimate Fast-Food Joints

Fast-food joints offer very little hygiene and care. These fast-food joints are adulterating the food with unhealthy ingredients to make it yummy and irresistible. The amount of harmful food colors or prohibited taste enhancers are destroying the health of children and youngsters. Inadequately nourished individuals may suffer infections and illnesses which in turn can prohibit their overall physical and mental growth.

Hydration of the Body with Healthy Drinks

Keeping youngsters hydrated throughout the day is a challenge. Teenagers are hyperactive and playful. If the fluids are not readily available, they may simply skip hydrating themselves till the time it’s made available to them. Our smart-micro-retail kiosks can be easily installed anywhere and hence food and drinks are available 24×7. We offer energy drinks, sugar-free juices, packaged fruit juices, lassi, and milk-based sugar-free drinks to keep you hydrated instantly.

Nourishment and Hydration for the Professors and Teaching Staff Too!

Not only youngsters and students but even the professors need to be nourished and hydrated throughout the day. The teaching profession demands them to be energetic throughout the day as they have to be active and stand all day long for back-to-back lectures. This might lead to them skipping meals and hydration. Vendiman smart micro retail kiosk ensures their nourishment and hydration is taken care of. Picking up a quick meal or a healthy hydrating beverage from the smart micro retail kiosk, between lectures, is the most convenient option for them.

Vendiman: A healthy and nutritious smart micro-retail solution

At Vendiman, we are concerned about the unhealthy food sold at fast-food joints and its associated consequences. To address this concern, we have introduced smart micro-retail solutions that provide healthy and nutritious food for children, youngsters, and professors at schools, colleges, and universities.

Healthy, Nutritious, Tasty Food Readily Available Anywhere!

Our range of food products is tempting, tasty and nutritious and we take care of hygiene too. Our contactless payment systems enable consumers to pay safely by choosing the contactless payment option. We offer ready-to-eat all-day dining meals, baked chips, nachos, popcorn, khakhra, healthy bites, makhana range, dry fruits, and baked snacks that will make your munching experience joyful and healthy. 

The exponentially increasing number of educational institutions is directly proportional to an increase in business revenues for smart retail kiosk operators

The number of educational institutions in India is increasing exponentially as a diverse range of educational courses are offered to the students. Installing Vendiman smart micro-retail kiosks at colleges and schools is a profitable proportion as youngsters always prefer smart micro-retail kiosks instead of conventional tuck shops because of the convenience and hygiene it offers. A greater number of educational institutions can translate into an increase in business revenues through smart retail kiosks. Vendiman also has a dedicated customer support team for any assistance if needed.

Taking care of nourishment and hydration of your students and teaching staff

Focusing on the nourishment and hydration of your students and teaching staff is crucial and we believe school/college is an important place to inculcate those habits. Install our smart-micro-retail kiosks at your schools/colleges to create a smart and nutrition-conscious culture and to instantly deal with hunger with healthy meals!