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The world is constantly changing, and so is the lifestyle of the people who are a part of this industrial revolution which is rapidly changing the dynamics of how we work, evolve, and grow. We are constantly on the run for meetings, feedback, representations, and whatnot! We often travel away from homes, commute to multiple places, are overworked, and are short of time! 

In the hustle-bustle of our work, family responsibilities, and achieving professional objectives, we often miss out on lots of important things that are crucial for the perfect coordination of a healthy mind and body that can aid us in achieving our professional and personal objectives. Food, the right amount of hydration, and peace of mind are equally important for our body to function at its best.   

Vendiman, a Smarter and Efficient Way to Keep Yourself Nourished Anytime, Anywhere

We, at Vendiman, understand that time is an essential commodity and you cannot waste it in getting access to basic things like food, beverages, or other essential commodities. Hence, we have introduced smart retail solutions for our customers who have hectic and unconventional work routines to avail quality and nutritious food while on the go.   

Contactless service, 24 hours a day 7 days a week    

Accessibility of nutritious food round the clock has become a necessity as organizations are adopting a work culture that requires employees to work in rotational shifts. And, this change in work culture has changed many things from the human resource management perspective. Organizations want to take care of their employees by providing them with smarter and more efficient ways to keep them well-nourished and productive. Organizations across the world are trying to find innovative solutions for their employees that will enable them to buy nutritious food instantly and safely.    

Smart micro-retail solutions for your convenience and safety!

Vendiman, a smart micro-retail solution, provides an attractive and engaging smart retail store that is fully automated and contactless. With the help of a touchless interface provided on the smart micro-retail-kiosk, the user can choose from our range of product categories, that will give you ample options of meals like ready to eat range, breakfast & all-day dining range, lunch & dinner meals, healthy snacks, and beverages. You can pay conveniently using digital or conventional payment methods.    

Interactive, Engrossing, and Data-led interfaces for the users  

Our smart retail shop are equipped with a bright display and hassle-free operational capabilities that make the whole experience of buying food and beverages pleasant, convenient and safe.  We have digital dashboards that inform us of the existing stock levels so that re-stocking is done on time and the operations are streamlined in an organized way.  

Our attractive kiosks don’t just serve the food but enhance your experience of smart micro-retailing, making it pleasant and convenient! 

Smart micro-retail solutions have become a necessity in today’s fast and evolving lifestyle and as you go places with your busy and hectic schedule, we advise you not to skip on your nutrients and energy by extension. Get a Vendiman Smart-Micro-Retail-Kiosk, to keep yourself and your workforce nourished and energized! Your customers will love the way our smart micro-retail kiosks serve food and affection!