Neat. Clean. Hygienic.

Take a step forward in providing sanitary encouragement

Health & Personal Care vending machine
Collect & Go!

Variable Machines

Size matters; this Vendiman comes in 3 sizes. We give options of machines that can hold anywhere between 25-100 products, so you don’t have to choose.

Product Categories

Depending on your requirements, cherry-pick from a selection of sanitary healthcare, wet wipes, facial wipes or contraceptive care. We can also try and accommodate in case your preferred brand is not amongst our partner list.

Payment Options

The machine accepts payment via coins or through configured mobile wallets. Further additions to tech however are well underway.

Ease of Use

With transactions so simple, this process endorses sanitation and hygiene, a much needed change for our population. This Vendiman ensures no more awkward moments and carefree hygiene!