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Whether an unavoidable office meeting or an inevitable chore, vending machines are a perfect and quick way for consumers to get a meal on the go! Yet, people still hesitate to use them. This resistance is due to the numerous myths that exist around it. Most of them are twisted facts based on futile logic. Vendiman, a Smart Micro Retail Solutions provider, is reimagining vending via its vending machines that are called Smart Micro Retail Kiosks. These kiosks are an unimaginably incredible evolution of the traditional vending machines proving the vending machine myths to be completely false! So, without further ado, let us debunk five popular but baseless vending machine myths! 

Myth 1: Vending Machines Store Unhealthy Junk Food Items 

This is one of the most common myths. As we march towards a health-conscious mindset, a common collateral belief is that vending machines only offer junk food. This belief is far beyond the truth. Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are Healthy food vending machines that deliver safe & nourishing meals that are thoughtfully curated. From digestive biscuits to instant refreshing beverages, Ready to eat meals, sugar-free iced tea and more, you get easy access to nutritious meals at Vendiman. 

Myth 2: Vending Machines Offer Stale or Old Meals 

It is natural to wonder if machine-sourced food is fresh and nutritious. However, vending machine suppliershave evolved exponentially over the years. Regular and timely visits by the refilling team ensures that the food items stored in the Smart Micro retail Kiosks, that are near to expiry, are replaced to ensure good meal quality and condition. Leading vending suppliers like Vendiman, offer nothing short of the best and fresh meals for their consumers! 

Myth 3: Products Stored in Vending Machines are Expensive 

Given the technological integration, it’s a myth that the price of meals at a vending machine ought to be high. But this is completely False! All the products you buy from Vendiman’s smart micro retail kiosk are available at MRP with no additional cost/margin. Considering the ease, quality, and timely service, products from a vending machineare highly economical. 

Myth 4: Vending Machines have Inadequate Food Options 

This is the biggest myth of all! Vendiman’s Smart Micro Retail Kiosks display a wide array of food alternatives such as breakfast/all-day dining items, wholesome and healthy snacks, desserts/confectioneries, ready-to-eat meals, refreshing beverages, energy drinks, lassi, chaas, packaged drinking water and more. Modern healthy food vending machines are technologically robust. There is a professional team that regularly tracks and stocks food items, right from everyday meals to exclusive food items that are not easily accessible elsewhere. 

Myth 5: Vending Machines Have Limited Payment Methods 

A rewarding meal-time is incomplete without a smooth pay experience. Vending machine suppliers in India are well-aware of this fact and offer smart retail solutions with payment flexibility, convenience and assorted options. Vendiman is designed for an effortless payment experience. Apart from cash payment, it is also equipped with various other digital payment options such as Debit/Credit/Meal card, UPI or e-wallets like GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.  

Powered by technology, healthy food vending machines have come a long way from traditional myths. Prominent vending machine suppliers like Vendiman have embraced innovative ways to improve the customer shopping experience with flexible, bespoke, and scalable smart micro-retail solutions. It’s time to bid goodbye to these unwarranted myths and welcome a healthy and nourishing lifestyle with Vendiman!