Healthy Food Vending Machine

Our food vending machine is now a Smart Micro Retail Kiosk!

It’s time to eat right and eat smart with Vendiman!

After facing a worldwide pandemic, the definition of consuming food has changed for the world and so have we! Still curious about what has changed with Vendiman? Let us tell you more. Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is:

  • Fully Automated and Contactless
  • Available round the clock – anytime, anywhere
  • Loaded with Branded, curated, and nutritious offerings
  • Instantly available without any delivery charges or waiting time
  • Bespoke and Flexible
  • Present in various sectors like corporates, airports, manufacturing, healthcare, education, transit

Other food vending machine suppliers usually just provide unhealthy snacks, but our Smart Micro Retail Kiosk offers a large selection of food options including healthy snacks, ready to eat, fresh food range, breakfast/all day dining range, confectionaries, desserts, beverages and much more. Discover a much wider range of meal options at our Smart Micro Retail Kiosk than any other healthy food vending machine.

Tasteful Food Alternatives + Convenient Accessibility, an alluring combo!

Curated Range of Meals and Snacks

Round the clock access to meals and healthy food instantly, within proximity is something that Vendiman strides on. The wide range of products are not only tasty but are also healthy and nutritious. We offer the quickest way for people who want to win the world but have shortage of time and want to grab a bite on the go to stay nourished!

Pay, Select, Grab & Voila!

Grabbing a meal instantly from Vendiman’s Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is a must try shopping experience which ensures your food and beverage needs are covered 24×7, making it India’s Foremost in Instant Commerce Via Smart Micro Retail Solutions!

Model Type: Large

Vending machine weight 430kg

Model Type: Medium

Vending machine weight 320kg

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