Smart Vending Machine

Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is not just a smart vending machine, but much more!

Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is much more than a smart vending machine! It offers an exceptional food & beverage purchase experience to its customers. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our platform delivers real-time dashboards and trend analyses to facilitate inventory monitoring and ensure service quality assurance.

Benefits of having a smart vending machine or Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk at your facility:

Getting our Smart Micro Retail Kiosk will instantly amp up your space and enhance your lifestyle with its appealing design and vibes of a Smart Micro café. A bright display and bold orange statement make our kiosks hard to resist.



24×7 access to a wide category of food and beverage items to cater to your hunger and hydration needs by offering meals instantly from an automated kiosk any time of the day, without any delivery charge or wait time.

Remarkable Selection

Explore a diverse range of products and a variety of brands to choose from. With continuous additions to our list of partner brands, we assure you irresistible variety to experience through our contactless kiosks.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts will advise on the suitability of suggested products specific to the size and needs of your organization. With our expertise, you may end up discovering novel choices.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

A dedicated team that takes care of issues/feedback to ensure continuous improvements are made and refunds, if any, are timely reinitiated. This is seamlessly done via our customer care contact and WhatsApp number.

Vendiman is trusted for Nourishing Communities via Smart Micro Retail Kiosk

With a strong network of 550+ clients with 2000+ machines across 20+ cities with 1mn+ daily outreach, we are India’s Foremost in Instant Commerce via Smart Micro Retail Solutions. Contact us today to make your facility smart and contactless with a variety of food and beverage options!

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