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Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk: Your one stop “Smart Solution” to procure a Snack vending machine on rent

Founded in 2013, Vendiman is India’s foremost in instant commerce via smart micro retail solutions. Our Smart Micro Retail Kiosks/ Micro Cafes which are compact, flexible, digital, contactless, & available 24×7 are significant for organizations of all sizes to repurpose their workplaces for more optimal use & review the need for legacy, more manpower intensive models as they adopt a hybrid way of working.

When looking for a snack vending machine on rent, Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks give you a plethora of not only healthy snack options, but also plenty of other meal options available. These kiosks come in 3 different types of machines with different sizes and functions.

With limited space and capex investment, we provide options of snacks vending machine on rent, that is a step ahead, called a Smart Micro Retail Kiosk that focuses on hygiene as well as convenience.

It’s always a good idea to have our Smart Micro Retail Kiosk in your premise:

  • Healthy meals, snacks, and beverages instantly available at a few steps
  • An array of branded products to choose from
  • All products available at MRP
  • Available 24×7
  • Multiple payment options, and so much more

Model Type: Large


Model Type: Medium


Reimagining from ‘Vending’ to “Micro Retailing"


Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is not a vending machine, it’s a revolution, a step higher, a change in the way of consuming food. It’s smart, convenient and provides Nourishment on the Go!

Catering to clients from multiple sectors and industries, Vendiman’s Smart Micro Cafes supply a range of nutritious, refreshing, and curated products that fulfil breakfast, lunch, and dinner options through ready-to-eat products. You will find us everywhere serving you via our Smart Micro Café be it:

  • Corporate Offices 
  • Airports  
  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Co-working spaces 
  • Transit 
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Residential complex 

If you are looking for the best snack vending machine on rent, that is automated, bespoke, flexible, scalable and relevant, Vendiman is the perfect solution with the aim to nourish communities – Easier, Smarter, and Safer.

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