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Step into the world of Nourishment with Vendiman

In a fast-paced world, it’s time to move faster and adapt smarter options in everything you do. Be it travel, work, or even your day-to-day routine. Powered by robust technology, we provide real-time dashboards and trends with consumer-level insights of category & SKU preferences, consumption timings, and inventory monitoring to ensure timely refilling and replenishment by the Vendiman team. To keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing world, Vendiman continuously works hard and smart. Therefore, in the league of vending machine operators in India, Vendiman is India’s Foremost in Instant Commerce Via Smart Micro Retail Solutions!

Adopt the easier, smarter, and safer way of nourishment


No more unhealthy snacks and beverages like in the past. A range of refreshed, curated category of products with real breakfast, all day dining, lunch and dinner options and everything in between. Nourish yourself with a range of top-class brands with guaranteed quality, hygiene, safety, and trust, instantly available at your favourite Vendiman Smart Retail kiosk. We make sure that you have an option that is:

  • Convenient and relevant
  • Contactless and Digital
  • Available 24×7
  • Fully automated
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Aspirational – making it a lifestyle offering

With this we make sure that we are the best amongst vending machine operators in India, with a dedicated customer success team that is at your service whenever you need assistance.

A look into our country wide presence and how we’ve got you covered!

2000+ Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are spread across 20+ cities, with 550+ clients and has 1Million+ daily outreach. And these numbers are growing day by day! Our journey started with 16 Smart Micro Retail Kiosks in 2016 and has come to more than 2000 in numbers today, with just one mission – making everyday convenience available– Easier, Smarter, Safer for our consumers, and with that, to focus on staying Consumer-centric, Data led, and Values-based in everything we do. We’ve got you covered for the entire day with a variety of food options available from breakfast and all-day dining range to lunch/dinner meals and healthy snacks & beverages in-between meals. So, it’s time to nourish yourselves with Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosk at your location.

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