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Transition of Vending Machine in India to a Smart Micro Retail Kiosk

Traditionally, vending machines in India have not been popular because they offered limited, unhealthy, and only junk food like chips and cold drinks. Now, there is Vendiman that ensures you eat healthy meals and snacks via its Smart Micro Retail Kiosk offering refreshed, curated range of meals, snacks & beverages in a contactless way.

Empowered with robust technology, this kiosk is the perfect solution for today’s on-the-go lifestyle, that fits every sector – airports, corporate offices, factories, hospitals, educational institutions, residential complexes, co-working spaces. When a question like ‘where to buy vending machine in India’ arises, it’s crucial to know how we’ve got you covered with our Smart Micro Retail Kiosk.

Vendiman Making workplaces happy with meals of your choice


Vendiman’s kiosk provides employees a variety of meal options within the office premises. They don’t need to step out for their meal, allowing them more time for work, hence optimizing productivity. This ensures their food and hydration needs are taken care of and they don’t skip meals amidst loads of work.

Making Medical Premises A Safe Place For Everyone


With the pandemic, we have learnt the importance of social distancing and minimizing touch interactions. The Smart Micro Retail Kiosk is designed in a way that it’s completely contactless, a perfect fit for hospitals – the staff, attendants of patients, or visitors. Offering a variety of meals, snacks, juices, milk-based beverages, it’s available 24×7 unlike the cafeteria.

Making Airports Fun And Healthy


What better than getting your favourite food & beverages when you are on-the-go and you just want to grab a healthy quick bite, that too at MRP. Vendiman, through its contactless smart kiosk, with multiple digital payment modes like UPI wallets, QR code, Dr/Cr cards, RFID cards, makes it easy to grab a nutritious meal in a jiffy!

Keeping Manufacturing Facilities Safe With Hygienic Meals


Employees at manufacturing facilities often work long hours, in different shifts, with breaks at different time. 24×7 factories find it challenging to provide snacks/meals along with tea/coffee to their staff who generally lack access to safe meals and resort to unhygienic food from nearby tuck shops, if any, or starve. Here comes Vendiman smart micro retail kiosk that provides healthy meals/snacks to its employees instantly and available 24×7 for their flexible working hours.

Nourishing Students At Colleges With Exciting Food Options


With academic workload, students often lack time to eat and hydrate themselves. They are mostly running between lectures with no time to look for healthy meals. Getting a Vendiman kiosk ensures quality and healthy meals and beverages are instantly made available to students and staff with a wide variety, at MRP prices and without compromising on the taste.

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