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Vending machines are best known for their convenience, flexibility and ease of access. In the dynamic world that we live in today, the availability of different products for different purposes is the need of the hour. As per research by Allied Market Research, the market share of vending machines is predicted to be about $25.25 billion by the year 2027. These smart vending machines, now called smart micro-retail kiosks, not only make lives easy for their consumers but also give an enormous revenue opportunity to business owners.

Here are a few major types of vending machines in India in 2022 :-

1. Healthy Food Vending Machines 

Traditionally, vending machines were identified as an obesogenic factor offering mainly energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods with no healthy options. According to the results of a survey conducted by NCBI, over 81% of people demanded healthy food choices in vending machines, which lacked considerably.

With this, healthy food vending machines in India now provide consumers with healthy food options including healthy ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and nature-based refreshments and beverages. With more people switching to healthier food choices, these healthy food vending machines are quite a trend globally. Vendiman provides fully automated contactless vending machines called Smart Micro Retail Kiosks, with tasty food options like healthy snacks, all-day meals, sugar-free juices, etc.  

2. Beverage Vending Machines 

These smart vending machines have got your sipping urges covered at all hours of the day! If you are caught in the scorching summer heat or are looking for your favourite drink, beverage vending machines are at your rescue! A beverage vending machine alone contributes to about 55.73% of the total vending machines, as per a survey by Allied Market Research in 2019.

Vendiman smart micro retail kiosk has a wide array of refreshing beverages that are relishing, fresh and healthy. With options like cold coffee, sugar-free cold drinks, ice teas and milkshakes, make your work or travel tirelessly always. 

3. Personal Care Vending Machines

Personal care vending machines are a great choice for places like public washrooms, offices, factories, malls, restaurants, etc. These vending machines can offer hygiene and safety products like face masks, gloves, cosmetic products, sanitisers, female hygiene products, etc. Apart from that, some personal care vending machines also make available essential face creams, hair oils, hair gels, sunscreen lotions, pocket perfumes, etc.

Vendiman’s personal care vending machines provide a wide range of products, from sanitary and contraceptive healthcare to facial wet wipes and sanitisers. Personal care vending machines is hence a lucrative business option for people working in the personal care products industry. 

4. Packed Food Vending Machines 

In spite of newer food options available in food vending machines, packed food is still one of the most popular options. These automatic snacks vending machines are famous amongst all age groups and at all locations of a city. From airports to schools and from shopping malls to offices, packed food or snack vending machines are a profitable proposition for vending machine business.

Vendiman’s snack vending machines or Smart Micro Retail Kiosks are the perfect solutions with a wide variety of curated food options available. As about 34.3% of the world population complain about vending machines lacking variety, our vending machines make available a huge variety of confectioneries, baked snacks and various quick bites and refreshments. 

5. Stationery Vending Machines 

These vending machines usually cater to IT hubs, offices, schools and colleges. They have a simple thought of making available the most essential stationery items to people working/studying in the surrounding area. The stationery vending machines offer different sizes of papers, notebooks, notepads, staplers, different pin types, pencils, pens, etc. This segment of a vending machines in India is estimated to have a CAGR of 7.5% from the year 2021 to 2027. 


Vendiman has been a pioneer in providing smart micro retail solutions at multiple places and sectors. Vending machines of different types are a great source of instant availability of needful items. And that’s the sole reason why consumers across the globe choose them over traditional stores.