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In today’s fast-paced corporate world, employees often struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Long working hours, stressful deadlines, and lack of time often lead to unhealthy eating habits and ignorance of a well-balanced diet. This is precisely why we should address problems related to food facilities in the workplace to curb issues related to an unhealthy diet at work. According to a study, approximately 63% of Indian corporate workers are overweight. Hence, it is imperative to fuel our bodies with mindful and nutritious alternatives. 

The Benefits of Mindful and Nutritious Eating 

A healthy snack not only provides the body with nutrients and keeps us full; it also helps improve brain function, reduce stress levels, increase focus, and boost energy. When we consume mindful and nutritious snacks, we tend to stay full longer, balance our blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and hence reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Overall, eating mindfully also helps keep our bodies in optimal health, which can translate into better work performance and productivity. 

Vending Machines Then vs Smart Micro Retail Kiosks Now 

Up until recently, vending machines have provided access to mostly processed, high-calorie, and low-nutrient snacks. These snacks usually contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and additives that negatively impact health and cause weight gain. However, vending machines have evolved, known as Smart Micro Retail Kiosks (SMRK), offering nutritious snacks, meals and beverages that satiate hunger instantly. 

Role of Vending Machines in promoting better snacking choices 

Vending machines are accessible and convenient. Studies show that vending machines can play an important role in promoting healthy snacking choices. Most vending machines these days like Vendiman Smart Micro Retail Kiosks come equipped with a variety of nutritional snacks, including low-calorie, low-sugar, options. Let’s find out how smart vending machines or SMRK play a role in corporate wellness: 

Promotes Healthy Eating 

While your office could have the best amenities, what about food facilities? Easy access to nutritious food and healthy snacks is one of the best ways to fulfil hunger without guilt. Having access to healthy snacks from vending machines can be beneficial. Here are a few ways to eat healthy: 

  • Start your day with a hearty, nutritious breakfast, like oats, upma or poha with a handful of dry fruits 
  • Replace added sugar drinks like soda with water, coconut water, buttermilk, lassi or fruit juices 
  • Choose a trail mix made with nuts and fruit over chocolate-coated candy 
  • Choose diet bhel or makhana as your evening snacks with tea/coffee 
  • Avoid over-snacking by choosing a ready to eat meal 

Smart vending machines promote healthy eating by providing a wide variety of curated range of food and beverages that will energize you instantly. 

Portion Control 

These healthy food vending machines offer a great way to make healthier choices without much additional effort. Healthy snacks in vending machines come in small packs so you eat just right and don’t overeat. A variety of snacks can provide the required nutrients and can add flavor to your snacking routine like berries, nuts, protein bars, and smoothies so snacking is done in moderation. Vendiman SMRK got you covered for the entire day with delectable meal options that suit different needs of individuals, so you can binge without guilt.    

Healthy Snacking 

For choosing mindful and nutritious vending machine snacks is to prioritize whole food ingredients like popcorn, peanuts, makhana, soya sticks, among other options. Our smart micro retail kiosk is fully stocked with essential snack options, transforming your boring snacks into tasty and nutritional snacks. Snack on our healthy food range which includes baked snacks and healthy bites for instant energy that will boost your mood by satisfying your cravings without negatively affecting your diet. 

Easy Access to Hydration 

Unknowingly we often replace water with sweets or junk. This is mainly because grabbing chocolate or snack from your bag or desk is much easier than going to the break room/canteen to refill the bottle. This is where vending machines come in. Offices can now easily set up Smart vending machines in the premises, offering instant hydration for the employees. By offering a variety of beverage options, with 24/7 availability and contactless payment, vending machines can help ensure that people stay hydrated throughout the day. Vendiman SMRK’s come in two sizes; one can choose the preferred size per office space and other factors. 

Plan Ahead and Eat Smart 

To ensure that you eat healthy, it is best to plan your meals at frequent intervals of the day. Preparing ahead will help you avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacks and will give you more control over what you consume. This helps you eat smart from the vending machine or SMRK in your facility, without having to step out or rely on unhealthy meals from tuck shops, thus increasing productivity. 

Build your way to corporate wellness with Vendiman 

Today’s vending machines have evolved far past candy bars and chips. Mindful and nutritious eating can be incorporated with vending machines in the workplace. Vendiman SMRK aims to nourish you by offering nutritious options, promoting portion control, encouraging mindful eating, and providing a wide range of alternatives. This ensures employees can maintain a healthy lifestyle even at work. Corporate wellness is not only beneficial for the employees but also for the organization, as it leads to increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and higher employee satisfaction. Install a Smart vending machine in your office to encourage corporate wellness and ensure 24×7 availability of nutritious food and beverages. 

Choose Vendiman SMRK and achieve a healthy workplace. To get in touch or for further assistance with installing a vending machine or SMRK, contact us at E-mail –