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We are living in the age of globalization and digitization. People from diverse cultures, with different needs and preferences, come together for work or travel. 

Food, as we all know, is the most integral part of our lives, and wherever we go, we always search for healthy, fresh, and nutritious food. To address this, Vendiman – a smart retail solutions company, has introduced smart vending machines known as Smart Micro Retail Kiosks to serve consumers healthy and nutritious food anytime, anywhere! 

A Smart Generation Needs Smarter Retail Solutions  

Everyone is trying to keep pace with digitalization to survive. Digital payments are being accepted even by small vendors. The need for convenience and safety has compelled these users to adapt to the digital mode of operations. The same convenience in the micro-retail sector needed to be created for consumers who are always on the go! 

Introduction of Smart Micro Retail Kiosks for Retail Convenience 

The consumer is getting smarter and so should retail space. A consumer who’s always on the go wants access to healthy and nutritious food instantly. Vendiman Smart vending machines, known as smart micro-retail kiosks, are strategically installed at various locations for quick access to healthy and nutritious food smartly and safely! 

Hassle-free operations, efficient functionality, and appealing design make our smart micro retail kiosks irresistible. Buying healthy, nutritious food and beverages at our snacks and beverage vending machine is easy and convenient without any human intervention and hassle!   

How to Use a Vendiman Vending Machine? 

Vendiman smart micro-retail kiosks, or Smart vending machines, are very easy and convenient to operate. Just Pay-Select-Grab & go! 

Step 1: Choose your product and pay by: 

  • Inserting currency notes/coins* in the inlet provided on the smart micro-retail kiosk OR 
  • Choose from any digital payment options to scan QR code OR
  • Pay by debit/credit/meal card 

(Follow the instruction sticker on a machine) 

Step 2: Enter the product code (mentioned below the product) on the machine keypad. 

Step 3: After payment validation, the product will be dispensed from the kiosk. You can open the bin at the bottom with the foot pedal and collect the product. Transaction complete. 

*In case of cash transaction, if balance due, collect change from refund slot. 

Contactless Payment Options for Convenience 

If you want to pay using digital payment methods, you can choose your preferred mode of payment from the castle on the machine. You can pay by using UPI or e-wallets like Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe etc. Enter the code of the product on the machine keypad. The QR code will be displayed. You can simply scan the displayed QR code from your smartphone and make the payment. 

In case of debit/credit/meal cards, you can simply choose the product and pay by swiping/ tapping/ inserting the card in the slot. 

Smart Retailing for Smarter Tomorrow 

Hustle culture, commuting to work, and traveling to faraway places have impacted our lives to a great extent. We are exploring technologies to make our daily lives comfortable and less complicated. By adopting Vendiman smart micro-retail solutions, healthy and nutritious food and beverages can be accessed round the clock conveniently!