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Travelling across borders is essential for us to sustain and thrive economically, socially, and even existentially. Air-travelers often travel for work and leisure and while traveling they encounter issues like jet lag, fatigue, and dehydration during flying hours. So, while traveling, air travelers make sure they are appropriately hydrated and eating right. 

Energize Yourselves Without Emptying your Pockets, Even at Midnight 

Waiting for flights in the lounge and going through immigration and security checks could be tiring and exhaustive. Access to healthy food and beverages is essential at airports, for travelers to grab a bite on the go. 

Passengers waiting for connecting flights at odd hours usually don’t get access to healthy snacks and beverages as they might not have time to dine at restaurants considering the lengthy process of ordering food and eating, and cafes tend to shut down. But you would not want to fly with an empty stomach or Un hydrated.  

Hence, introducing Vendiman’s technically upgraded version of smart vending machines known as smart micro retail kiosks that provide access to nutritious, hygienic food and beverages, 24×7 instantly at airports, that too at MRP prices only at Vendiman be it bottled water or healthy snacks. Whereas other food options at the airport might be overpriced and expensive. 

Vendiman: Serving Nourishment with Hygiene, Care, and Concern

Home-cooked meals are the best and safest option but may not always be feasible. So, what if you want to grab a quick, healthy bite?  

Vendiman, a smart-retail-solutions provider, bridges this gap to give you a comprehensive alternative to pick up safe, healthy snacks and beverages from its smart-vending machines called smart micro retail kiosks.  

Easy Installation Process at the Airports 

Our smart-vending machines or Smart Micro Retail kiosks ensure consumers can buy food without any human intervention, thereby eliminating touch interactions. We offer healthy food like corn chips, popcorn, khakhra, diet bhel, energy bars, makhana range, dry fruits, and baked snacks that will make your munching experience joyful and healthy. 

Flyers tend to get dehydrated during air travel or jet lag may affect them. We offer refreshing beverages like sugar-free juices, packaged fruit juices, energy drinks, and milk-based healthy drinks to keep them hydrated instantly.  

24×7 Availability of Hygienic Food and Beverages with a User-Friendly Interface

Air travelers do not have to worry about hygienic food and beverages in the wee hours of traveling. Our smart retail kiosks are strategically located at airports so you can buy food and beverages instantly, at MRP prices, and pay digitally using contactless payment methods.  

Keep yourself energized and hydrated by simply picking up food and beverages from Vendiman smart micro-retail-kiosks installed at the airports. Our user-friendly kiosks enable flyers to have a pleasant purchase experience, conveniently without any hassle.  

The interface of our smart-vending machines has been designed with the operator-centric approach and convenience and is extremely user-friendly and simple. You can select the products and pay using multiple digital payment methods and even share your feedback.  

Vendiman: Taking Care of your Nutritional Requirements at the Airports

We need energy and by extension, food to keep performing to the best of our abilities even on the go and smart-micro-retail-kiosks by Vendiman certainly serve the purpose of accessing healthy food and beverages even in the wee hours is now possible. Nourish yourself on-the-go with Vendiman. Happy flying!