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Everyone has their own set of perceptions about hospital food, largely influenced by the media reports, rumors, or public opinion. The healthcare system is going through a paradigm shift with the healthcare reforms and restructuring of healthcare institutes. Health institutions have highlighted the importance of providing nutritious food to their staff and attendants of patients round the clock. 

Access to Nutritious Food in Busy Work Schedules and Occasional Emergencies  

Health workers are usually busy attending to patients with diverse health complications and hardly get time to eat properly. Access to quality food is again a concern for these workers and staff. Unfortunately, hospital food is considered a utility and not an integral part of nourishment.  

Hospitals are providing value-based health care to their staff and while doing so, they are taking the initiative in promoting healthy eating as well.  

Vendiman: Serving Nutritious Food to Health-Workers, Smartly and Safely

Vendiman, a smart-micro-retail solutions provider is committed to serving healthcare institutions with nutritious and hygienic food and at hospitals via its technically upgraded version of smart vending machines known as smart micro retail kiosks that provide access to nutritious, hygienic food and beverages, 24×7 instantly at MRP prices. 

Easy Installation Process at the Hospitals 

Medical staff and attendants of patients need access to quality and safe food. Our smart-vending machines popularly known as Smart Micro Retail kiosks eliminate human intervention while buying food and beverages from our smart vending machines so that chances of infection can be minimized to a significant level.   

We offer healthy food like corn chips, popcorn, khakhra, diet bhel, energy bars, makhana range, dry fruits, and baked snacks that will make your munching experience joyful and healthy even at the hospitals. We also offer a viable alternative to home-cooked food like ready-to-eat meals- breakfast and all-day dining range. We offer ready-to-eat poha, upma, daal- chawal, rajma- chawal, sandwiches, and wraps to give you a homely taste and aroma. 

We offer healthy beverages like sugar-free juices, packaged fruit juices, energy drinks, and milk-based healthy drinks to the medical staff and attendants of patients to keep them energized, hydrated, and refreshed.  

Hygienic Food Round the Clock at Hospitals Through Our Smart and User-Friendly Interface 

Health workers often tend to skip lunch or dinner because of the enormous work pressure and stress. They always run short of time and occasional emergencies make matters worse at times. By strategically placing our smart vending machines in hospitals, the workers can easily access the food and beverages instantly, even at odd hours when the cafeteria is shut.  

The bright and engrossing interface of our smart-vending machines is easy to use and you can select the products and pay using multiple digital payment methods. 

Changing the Dynamics of the Food and Nutrition Services in the Healthcare Sector 

Food and food service departments in the healthcare setup are overburdened, suffer from neglect, and sometimes are deprived of the necessary infrastructure to provide healthy and nutritious food to medical staff and doctors. A lot of healthcare institutes are gearing up to upgrade their food procurement and distribution system by bringing in innovative strategies and initiatives. We, at Vendiman are consistently providing smart retail solutions to various hospitals and are committed to serving the healthcare sector with passion and service-oriented approach.