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Vending Machines Leveraging the Hospitality Industry 

Decades ago, hotels largely provided minimal, often lacklustre, offerings like stay and basic facilities. But, over the years, the hospitality industry has been known for providing customers with the best services and offerings. With consumers demanding and preferring stays with elaborate amenities and services, hotels have evolved, and strive to achieve the ultimate experience by providing sheer convenience to their visiting guests. There is an indulgence of luxury in the evolution of this industry be it in terms of comfort or facilities. 

Today, the self-service landscape looks entirely different. The innovation of smart vending machines is much more than just a digital evolution – it’s a futuristic approach, which will benefit hotels by encouraging self-service. Now, more than ever before, self-service technology goes beyond its attempt to streamline experiences for both customers and businesses and eliminate traditional barriers to information and service.

Using platforms and technology like smart micro retail kiosks, is a compelling solution, as it allows hoteliers to provide key services without the need for human interaction while reducing operating costs, and empowering hotel staff to focus on more meaningful guest touchpoints. Installing a smart vending machine in your hotel lobby will not just cater to the untimely needs of the guests but will also enhance and uplift the facility. It can transform an empty, boring lobby into a frequently visited place in the hotel. 

Why are Vending Machines a Boon for Residents and Staff in Hotels? 

Hotels require staffing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and keeping up with guests’ expectations can be challenging. After a long day of travelling, your residing guests or visitors, might have difficulty searching for snacks/meals at odd hours and they might just want to grab a quick, nutritious snack or a beverage. Installing a smart vending machine, also known as Smart Micro Retail Kiosk, you can offer an exquisite selection of drinks and nutritious snacks to your customers and is a great way to keep customers satisfied and happy, and refresh them instantly. 

With staff shifts changing, their food and beverage needs can also be eased with these automated machines that are available 24×7, making it a boon for the working staff. One crucial factor to remember is that there is no need to carry cash as these kiosks have digital payment options. 

Foods products are not the only items to provide via a smart vending machine. It is great for non-food products as well. You could offer your guests a selection of other essential items. They will be relieved to find that the solution to their conundrum is only a few steps away from their room. 

Different Use Cases of Smart Vending Machines in Hotels: 

1. Seasonal Supplies 

Stocking seasonal supplies in Smart vending machines will greatly benefit travellers because weather conditions highly affect travel plans. Supplies like umbrellas, caps, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, to scarves/shawls, beanies, gloves and thermals can be made accessible through these smart micro retail kiosks easily as per seasonal requirements. Even city maps, hiking guides, and postcards can be provided via these kiosks. Many customers will likely use these automated kiosks for their travel requirements, curbing the issue of buying these products from a local shop and spending more than the required money and time. 

2. Souvenirs and Famous Local Products

Everyone likes to return from trips with a bag full of memories and souvenirs they could treasure for a lifetime. However, it is highly inefficient to do local market hunts due to less time or extra charges taken by locals. Smart vending machines loaded with famous local items and precious souvenirs will direct a customer from buying these products quickly in the hotel lounge rather than searching and paying extra money for them locally. 

3. Personal Care Supplies 

By complimenting your hotel or motel’s services with a vending machine, you can automate much of the work that previously needed additional labour. All personal care products provided by the hotel, like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, dental kit, shaving kit, water bottles and other additional items like wet wipes, sanitisers, and sanitary pads, can also be supplied via smart retail solution. So, these facilities will be available 24/7 through these automated kiosks without the need for staff, hence reducing labour costs. 

Makeover Your Hotel Lobby with – Vendiman! 

Fortunately, the self-service era stands to directly benefit hotels and the hospitality industry by way of unparalleled automation. On the hotel side, properties can benefit by capitalizing on upselling with add-on services. Vendiman’s Smart micro retail kiosk, carefully caters to all the needs to provide convenience and accessibility to business owners and their customers. By reimagining vending and being India’s foremost in Instant Commerce via Smart Micro Retail Solutions, we aim to provide ease to our customers by enhancing and bringing advanced automated solutions. 

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