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The age of smart innovations has sparked a surge in food industry services. Today, a business must be equipped with the latest technology to rejuvenate human life. One such innovation is the ‘Vending Machine’ or ‘Smart Micro Retail Kiosk’, which has gained immense popularity over the years. Long working hours, a sedentary lifestyle, and strenuous workloads take away an employee’s attention to being mindful of their health. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that businesses integrate well-equipped and smart solutions to meet their needs.      

As vending machine focuses on the customized offering of a curated range of healthy food and beverages, there has been an ever-increasing demand to incorporate them in corporate and social neighborhoods. It can not only replace a tuck shop but also prove to be a more sustainable alternative. 

Let’s look at how Smart Micro Retail Kiosks can transform your facility:      

Enhances Well-Being and Productivity  

With the lunch break time evaporating as the years go by, grabbing a quick healthy snack or beverage from a tuck shop is challenging due to large queues and wait time. However, a Smart Micro retail Kiosk is much quicker as it takes under 30 seconds to enjoy tasty and nutritious food anytime, by optimizing your schedule for short breaks.  

This means increased employee productivity and profitability.   

Assurance of 24/7 Availability in Service   

A major drawback of a tuck shop is the time constraint. It usually operates at fixed hours with timings assigned to different meals of the day, leading to inconvenience for people operating at flexible working hours. 

A smart vending machine is remarkably beneficial due to its 24×7 availability as it does not close down at specific timing or needs a holiday. Consequently, one can rely on them to curb hunger at any time of the day with nutritious F&B offerings, making it the quintessential solution for every sector.   

Tone Down Operational Costs  

A tuck shop requires a proper setup – electricity, dedicated staff, and space. With an automated smart micro retail kiosk, the need to hire additional people to join the staff is evaded. Additionally, it takes up very minimal space and electricity compared to a tuck shop, making it a sustainable and economical option. Eliminating these overinflated operational costs helps trim down the overheads and allows the effective allocation of these funds in an alternate proposition.  

Helps Focus on Specially Curated Offering  

A canteen may seem like a good option in comparison to a Smart Micro retail Kiosk, but its cleanliness & food quality are crucial concerns. Alternatively, a vending machine is highly efficient, compact & scalable. Moreover, it offers a wide range of hand-picked food & beverage options at MRP. This makes it a highly economical and desired solution across all sectors.    

Ensures Optimal Hygiene 

Lack of hygiene in canteens or tuck shops hampers an individual’s health to a great extent. Vending machines or Smart Micro Retail Kiosks ensure hygienic and safe food offerings with 100% FSSAI-approved & branded products. 


India, a country with massive workforce participation in the Private & Public sectors, will highly benefit from these Smart Micro Retail Kiosks. 

Vendiman, the foremost in Instant Commerce via Smart micro retail solutions, offers its kiosks the best-branded food and beverage options. Our Snack and beverage vending machines serve fresh and top-quality items, bringing ease to millions of consumers.    

Therefore, businesses, emerging start-ups, universities & other social institutions must integrate them swiftly and benefit from this global trend.