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Smart vending machines or Smart Micro Retail Kiosks (SMRK) have evolved profoundly with their offerings. When it comes to essential facilities, like access to health and personal care products in daily life, SMRK is the ideal and compact solution.  

Understanding The Need 

Access to health & personal care products is a hygiene prerequisite. Not having easy access to hygiene facilities can lead to several health problems, and some can even be alarming in the long run like: 

  • Intimate hygiene/bacterial infections 
  • Harmful spread of diseases 
  • Common problems of flu, cough, and cold 
  • Skin infections 
  • Other hygiene concerns 

We must understand the importance of these basic facilities and their easy availability to take health advisory into concern. Therefore, providing consumers with an easy, smart and safe solution is necessary. With Vendiman, the pioneer in instant commerce, one can access a wide variety of health and personal care products at any given time or place. 

Vending Machines Revolutionizing Healthcare Facilities 

Indian women often do not have easy access to sanitary products like pads, tampons, and menstrual cups when needed. 50% of women in India still use cloth during their periods. There is still a lacuna in terms of availability at the right time and place and it must be ensured that the right products are made available. 

Vendiman’s sanitary napkin machine is the ideal solution for all sectors as it is a compact, efficient machine available 24/7. It provides essential wellness products and ensures its accessibility anytime, anywhere. 

Not only women’s hygiene products but essential products like men’s cologne/aftershave can be made available for those who wish to smell nice while working in public places where there may not be any restrooms nearby. 

A Variety of Product Options: 

  • Sanitary healthcare 
  • Facemask and Gloves 
  • Sanitizers 
  • Facial wet wipes 
  • Men’s cologne/aftershave 
  • Contraceptive healthcare 

Ideal Locations to Install Vending Machines for Health & Personal Care Products and Their Advantages 

1. Corporate Offices: 

Carrying out daily office tasks can be challenging for women, especially during their menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that office washrooms install sanitary napkin vending machines for menstrual emergencies.   

Apart from this, sanitizing and regular cleaning of desktops, keyboards, and other electronic items is vital in shared spaces like offices. Easy access to personal hygiene products will ensure a safe environment for working professionals.  

2. Public Washrooms: 

Public washrooms can be suitable locations for dispensing sanitary and healthcare products due to regular, frequent visitors. Having tissues, sanitizers, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, etc. handy is necessary to ensure visitor’s health and safety. One can have untimely safe access to healthcare products with vending machines.  

3. Schools & Colleges: 

Students and working professionals in educational setups lack proper facilities for sanitary supplies and healthcare products. They often rush to keep up with their run for lectures. Washrooms in educational institutes must have vending machines for sanitary necessities; to avoid time wastage and unavoidable run to a pharmacy outside premises.  

4. Airports: 

Travel hassle-free with the trusted service of Smart micro-retail kiosks for personal care products at airports. This will make commuting easier, ensuring the proper availability of products. Vendiman’s personal care vending machine provides convenient and instant access to healthcare products. 

5. Hotels: 

The struggle to find sanitary essentials on your vacation may be unpleasant. Therefore, to maintain hygiene, it is crucial to have all your travel essential products in place. Vending machines in hotels can provide all required facilities related to shower room essentials however, having any time and instant access to healthcare and sanitary supplies will make it more convenient and hassle-free. 

6. Hospitals: 

Hospital visitors and staff must maintain optimal hygiene when visiting patients as Hospitals are more prone to quickly spreading diseases due to direct contact with patients. Therefore, it is essential to sanitize surfaces and equipment regularly, to maintain safety standards and prevent diseases from spreading easily. 

A vending machine will provide them with 24×7 access to healthcare and sanitary products like masks, gloves, sanitizers, sanitary napkins, etc., and help them avoid frequent runs to the hospital’s pharmacy. 

Install a machine “Be the change.” 

A trusted and safe facility for personal care products that are highly dependable, without taking unnecessary additional costs from consumers, is a must. At Vendiman, we not only identify this need but work on providing a constructive solution for everyday problems encouraging easier, smarter, and safer solutions! 

The products in our machines are affordable and for everyday use to combat health complications. Overall, a Smart micro retail kiosk or smart vending machine is the revolutionary change we need to adapt to in our society to maintain personal hygiene and wellness.