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“Your order arrives in 4 days” is way too much of a lead time for online shoppers, isn’t it? Especially for daily essential products. Considering that consumers struggle for 3-4 days to only receive a soap bar or a pack of flour has given birth to the concept of ‘Quick Commerce’, where consumers can have the products they need quickly. 

A major shift from offline sales to online sales was witnessed post-COVID-19. But it’s only been two years since online shopping trends have transformed unbelievably. Consumers today demand products on an ‘immediate’ basis. And quick commerce has the capability of providing essential items from groceries to eatables in a span of fewer than 30 minutes. With it, customers are largely shifting from e-commerce to have their orders anytime, anywhere and most importantly, at their own convenience.  

Amid the race amongst various quick commerce delivery companies for providing food/groceries/everyday essentials within 10 – 30 minutes, Vendiman chooses to do it differently by going a step further – elevating quick commerce to instant commerce but with a more practical and mindful outlook. Being a provider of smart micro retail solutions, Vendiman adopts a pragmatic approach to fulfil instant gratification needs more responsibly via its Smart Micro Retail Kiosks, making products available anytime, anywhere. The process is instant, hassle-free, with no waiting time or delivery charges, and most importantly, very safe without putting any lives at risk for getting items delivered in 10 minutes! Because for impulse, last-minute needs, they are easily available at the kiosks. 

Consumer expectations are rising significantly in the fast-paced world and with digitization and a reduction in the delivery time of products, retail e-commerce is taking a turn. More than $3 trillion of payments happening in India in a year are digital. Today, the FMCG companies in India are making their products available via Vendiman’s smart vending machines to successfully increase sales and revenue, all with the help of technological advances. This is becoming possible as a result of smart phones based purchases, speedy availability of products and regular stock refills to vending machines in India. According to a recent survey done by Research and Markets, smart vending machines are expected to grow at close to 10% CAGR until the end of the year 2026. 

Now is the time to make the most of a smart micro retail kiosk, availing items of everyday convenience and use, 24×7, with Vendiman’s vision to Nourish Communities, Easier, Smarter, Safer