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In the ever-changing and technologically smart world, advancement has made everything possible. Services through a smart vending machine is a smart digital leap in the contemporary world. With more facilities gearing up for vending machine in India, it has become vital to place them at strategic locations for convenience. Educational institutions being important for nourishing the students and other staff members. 

To go through the day, students require short food breaks for the better functioning of their minds.  A quick healthy snack in between meals will help replenish and give them the energy to refocus, which will encourage them to become more productive in their activities. 

A recent study shows that 60% of school canteen menu categories mainly include junk food options. The intake of non-nutritious food can slowly deteriorate children’s health drastically, leading them to diseases. Hence, getting vending machines or smart micro-retail kiosks in schools/colleges has various benefits. Students can choose what they want in vending machines without the need to go to a cafeteria or other location for their food. Having this access makes it easy to eat whenever students are hungry. 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why a Vending Machine can Replace School Canteens: 

1: Nutritious and Healthy Alternative to Fill Nutritional Gaps 

With back-to-back lectures, students often need multiple breaks, and they crave junk food the most when in school/college. While canteen menus can be restricted and fixed per day, students are prone to only choosing from the available items on the list. It leaves them with no alternate healthy options. Whereas vending machines offer a wide range of branded, hygienic food items like baked snacks, energy bar, dry fruits, sugar-free drinks, etc. Nutritious and wholesome range from these vending machines, helps fill the nutritional shortfalls and gaps. This ensures they don’t go hungry between meals and don’t have to opt for junk food from nearby tuck shops. 

2: Benefits for Teachers and Other Staff 

Not only the students but the teaching staff also benefit from the healthy food vending machine offerings. Having access to instant, nutritious food items at MRP prices is beneficial when running between lectures. It is also a replacement for forgotten lunches without having to step out of the campus. Smart retail solutions will ease and facilitate everyone with automated solutions, saving time, especially between lectures when they need a quick bite to energize themselves. 

3: Advanced and Updated Solution 

Undoubtedly the latest generation, “Genz”, kids are updated and familiar with technology already. From smartphones to other electronic gadgets, students are more vulnerable to learning, especially in educational setups. Hence, it is of utmost importance to familiarize them with the latest tech trends and advancements. 

Smart micro-retail kiosks are smart vending machines that ensure a hassle-free purchase of your favourite food items. With our seamless process, students can quickly Pay-Select-Grab and voila. A perfectly healthy and nutritious meal is instantly available for them to indulge in and enjoy. 

4: Efficient and Time-saving 

A long queue at the canteen, specific to only a particular short break time can be frustrating. According to a study, Insufficient time being allocated to school break time is one of the reasons for overeating among children. Due to time constraints, kids excessively fast and unknowingly eat more than the required quantity putting them at risk. 

Smart retail solutions optimize getting food in less time, saving both time and effort. Getting quick access to nutritious meals instantly will ensure they are sufficiently energized. 

5: Promotes Right Food Choices 

“You pick healthy when you have healthy”. That’s just the right objective we plan to introduce to educational campuses. Our wide range of food products is tasty and wholesome nutritious for maintaining a proper diet. 

Smart micro retail solutions help ensure students make only the best food choices. Through the delectable and nutritious range, vending machines partner with various brands making various options available, encouraging them to make the right food choices. 

Bring the change for a better tomorrow with Vendiman 

“A little effort goes a long way”. Educational institutions embracing this change from canteens to vending machines will benefit both the students and the institution. Offering a wide variety of product options and selections, with the assistance of vending machines, schools and colleges may give their students exactly what they want in a healthy way, assisting them in maintaining attention and becoming productive in their academic work. 

Vendiman’s Smart micro retail kiosk is compact and convenient, saving canteen spaces and offering an appealing lifestyle offering in your premises. Moreover, it does not require additional overhead costs for staff & excessive electricity. It’s time to act now that we are aware of all the benefits and place vending machines in schools & colleges. Our team will guide you, connect with us and e-mail us at – to install a smart vending machine through a hassle-free process.